Non-School Affiliated Snowball to Take Place at Tyrone Armory


Overview picture of the Homecoming 2018 dance.

Because of ongoing mandated COVID restrictions, for the second year in a row Tyrone Area High School will not have a school-sponsored SnowBall.

However, a group of seniors, with the support of the Cheer Boosters, have organized a non-school-affiliated Snowball Dance at the Tyrone Armory on Saturday, January 29th from 8-11 pm.

The dance is open to all Tyrone students in 9th-12th grade. A parent permission waiver will be required for all students who attend. The cost of each ticket is $10 and money and waivers will be collected at the door. The money will go towards facility rentals, refreshments, and entertainment.

Many students were happy to hear that dance will happen, especially with most not having a school dance in years due to the pandemic.

“I’m excited for one last school dance before prom to make our senior year complete.” said senior Ashlee Walk

“Homecoming was so much fun, I am excited to be able to have that experience again, ” said junior Sage Rumberger.

This is a great opportunity to come out and have a good time with your friends and make a lifetime of memories. Seniors will be able to have a somewhat normal high school experience with a snowball dance.

Students interested in attending the dance will need a parent waiver form, which will be outside the athletic office. This form must be completed when they attend the dance along with the $10 admission fee.