Nike vs. Adidas: The Ultimate Question


There are hundreds of thousands of brands around the world, and thousands of sports brands. The top two brands are Adidias and Nike. Both are sports brands, and they manufacture more than just clothes.

Nike is not only known for their clothes, but they are also known for their footwear, equipment, accessories, and services. Nike is also very encouraging to their buyers, as you can tell from their logo, “Just Do It”.

Adidas is also very well known for their clothes but also footwear, accessories, and designs. And as most people may not know, they also have a slogan of their own: “Impossible is Nothing”.

”Although they’re definitely similar, I would say that their affordable but good quality products are what give them the extra step ahead of Adidas,” said Sophomore Rocky Romani.

One of the reasons these brands are so popular is mostly because of athletes. They buy most of their clothing and shoes compared to non-athletes. 52.38% of athletes would choose Nike over Adidas, and 33.3% would pick Adidas.

Around the school, multiple students chose between them, and 57% picked Nike. One student said he preferred Nike over Adidas.

“I think Nike products are the best in the business when it comes to clothing, sports equipment, accessories, and shoes especially. For the most part, I find that they’re cheaper than Adidas,” said Romani.

A few of the reasons why Nike is proven better, is that they have better technology and equipment to boost performance. It is also proven that their sports shoes are more comfortable and fighting.

As for Adidas, they also have good quality shoe-wear, but they also keep their customers in mind, they segregate their products according to the needs of their customers and what they want.

Nike vs. Adidas will always be the ending question. Which one do you pick?