Mr. Moll Reigns Triumphant in EE March Madness Tournament Challenge

The Tyrone staff has dominated the challenge the past few years


Noel Politza

Hunter Anderson, Jacob Moll, and Pat McNelis

Tyrone staff is back on top in this year’s March Madness Tournament Challenge. They have taken the tournament two straight years, with Mr. Chris Shedd winning the grand prize last year. This year, Mr. Jacob Moll, a student teacher in Mr. Ron Wilson’s class took the gold.  Fellow staff member Mr. Pat McNelis, an Alternative Education teacher, took second place.

“Beating Owens and Shedd is always enjoyable, as much as it happens,” said McNelis.

Juniors Alexis Cowfer and Hunter Roderick Anderson were tied for third place in points, but the prestigious starting guard/forward/center of the Tyrone basketball team, Hunter Roderick Anderson, took third since his final score guess was closer breaking the potential tie.

“Ceiling. Roof. GOAT. That’s all I need to say,” said Hunter Roderick Anderson. “Championship gold will look nice with Carolina blue.”

The tournament was filled with lots of upsets and blowouts, but these are the individuals who prevailed and made the top 10 in this year’s challenge:

  1. Mr. Jacob Moll
  2. Mr. Pat McNelis
  3. Junior Starting Guard/Forward/Center: Hunter Roderick Anderson (Son of Travis)
  4. Junior Alexis Cowfer
  5. Sophomore Brooke Welsh
  6. Junior Asher Christine
  7. Senior Devon Brown
  8. Senior Haley Wagner
  9. Mr. Marcus Owens
  10. Junior Faythe Lewis

There were also some other participants that deserve some love. Many participants were one wrong pick away from the top 10. The Gonzaga faithfuls, Mr. Funicelli, Senior Daniel Lay, and Sophomore Kristen Johnson would’ve been the top three place holders if the Zags could have come through, These three were heartbroken after that breakaway dunk from Justin Jackson sealed a win for North Carolina.

Also, some people suceeded in the earlier rounds but were slowly surpassed by the winners after their championship teams were eliminated. Senior Kasey Engle had UNC in the final but sadly made the decision to pick Duke over them. Let’s just say Kasey was not rooting for South Carolina in the final four.

The Eagle Eye interviewed Mr. Moll, the Champion of the 4th annual Eagle Eye March Madness Challenge,  a few questions about his victory.

EE: How does it feel to be the big winner?

MM: “I was ecstatic when I won,” said Mr. Moll. “I’ve been been doing brackets since I was in Middle School and this is the first time I’ve ever won.”

EE: Are you a college basketball fan? 

MM: “I would say so. All college sports are great for me to watch, but college basketball is second to college football.”

EE: Who’s your team? 

MM: “My dad brought a UNC jersey home from a business trip when I was 8, so I’ve been a fan ever since.”

How happy were you with UNC’s win?

MM: “Since UNC is my team, I was super stressed but very happy with their overall performance.”

EE: What are you going to buy with the your Sheetz giftcard? 

MM: “Most likely just coffee, food, and gas.”

EE: What did you think of the tournament in general this year?

MM: “Very exciting. I did not see Xavier or South Carolina doing as well as they did. UNC was also in a lot of close and intense games that caused me a lot of stress.”