Marvel vs. DC: The battle continues

Who are the greatest comic heros of all time? For the month of December the Eagle Eye is doing a bracket of Marvel against DC Heroes along with Marvel against DC Villains. Once we have our victor for the heroes and villains they will face off in the ultimate battle. For the final battle we will have Tyrone Areas favorite hero battle to the death against their favorite villain. Leave your comments and vote for who you want to see win!

Batman VS. Ironman

Batman wins

Batman over through Ironman in a match of suit and money. Batman’s intelligence and detective work just was too much for Ironman to get a hold over. Batman seemed to know his next move before he had the chance to make it reading Ironman like a book. Ironman got a bit too cocky with how everything was going leading for him to let his guard down for a moment long enough for batman to overthrow him.


Wonder women VS. Captain America

Captain America wins

Captain American wins this battle, his pure patriotism showing through and taking the gold. His vibranium shield always comes back in time to block yet another attack. Wonder women’s whip was just not fast enough to get Captain America off his feet.


Aquaman VS Hawkeye

Hawkeye wins

Hawkeye won because of his keen weapons skills and his accurate aim. Aquaman didn’t stand a chance against Hawkeye when the only thing he used was animals from the ocean. It wasn’t a long battle for the two heroes, Hawkeye took down every fish, octopus, and deep sea creature Aquaman threw at him. The only thing that saved Aquaman’s Pride was his blunt blows Hawkeye took from him.

Green-Lantern VS. Hulk

Hulk wins

The Hulk shook the Green Lantern around like a rag doll. With his brute strength and high temper he took the green lantern out with ease and plowed him over like a locomotive. The green lantern had some hard knocking blows to the hulk but in return it only mad him more mad and made him throw him harder.


Superman VS. Thor

Superman wins

It was a close one between Superman and the Mighty Thor! By just a lucky hit Superman was able to keep Thor down and out for the count. Up to space and back down to earth this punch was just enough to knock Thor down and keep it that way. Thor stayed strong, not wanting to give up till he won. Sadly after a long fight he was defeated by a lucky knock out.


Flash VS Quicksilver

Flash wins

Flash was just a hair faster than Quicksilver in this race to defeat. Flash was able to use his speed to his advantage and phase through nearby objects leading Quicksilver to run right into them. Fast or not Quicksilver wasn’t fast enough to outthink his opponent.


Sinestro VS. Loki

Loki wins

Loki the god of mischief used his powers to his advantage tricking Sinestro to think he was one place only to appear in another. Sinestros mighty ring was just not enough to get and hit the right Loki. It was all but a silly game to Loki as he overthrew Sinestro and won this battle.


Harley Quinn VS. Mystique

Harley Quinn wins

Harley Quinn was fast and very keen with Mystique, Harley took her out with her great hand to hand combat and sharp fast movements. The battle was close though when Mystique changed to Harleys devious lover the Joker and almost had her beat but Harley came back to defeat her with one good blow to the head with her hammer.


Joker VS. Green Goblin

Joker wins

A deceitful laughter comes from the Joker with his big win; he shakes hand with Green Goblin only to shock him with his poisoned hand buzzer and to get the first move. The Green Goblin retaliates by throwing his pumpkin bombs at the joker, but this wasn’t enough to bring him down . the joker got the blow with his harpoon gun.


Lex Luthur VS. Dr. Doom

Lex Luthur wins

Lex Luthur brings in a fantastic win against Dr. Doom with his fast thinking and his battle suit. With the weapons in his suit and extra weapons on him he defeated Dr. Doom with only minimal damage. Dr. Doom almost beat him but with Lex’s brilliant intelligence he out witted Dr. Doom.


Doomsday VS. Juggernaut

Doomsday wins

Crashing into one another with superhuman strength they created sounds of earthquakes and bones cracking. This was a very close battle indeed they both were at a breaking point but in the nick of time doomsday pulled through to take the win.


Bane VS. Crossbone

Bane wins

Bane walks out of the dark and into the light with his win. Even though they were evenly matched Bane was faster and stronger than Crossbone. Crossbone may be a very dangerous combatant but Bane blew through him with his strategic and well preform martial arts. Crossbone did get a few good hits to bane that knocked him down but it was not enough.