March Madness Update: Juggernaut’s Knocked Off in Early Rounds


Spring has sprung and it’s already late-March. March has brought many surprises, one of them being the amount of snow we have gotten and another one is the upsets that have destroyed everyone’s brackets.

Beginning with the first four, it was a little surprising to see St. Bonaventure beat UCLA in a close match up, but nothing out of the ordinary for the other three games.

The first round is where things started getting out of hand. The first upset of the tournament was when Loyola Chicago (11) beat Miami [Fla.] (6) on a buzzer beater to win by two and sent them on to the second round. Alabama (9) ended up beating a very solid Virginia Tech (8) team by three points.

One of the bigger upsets of the tournament was Arizona (4) losing to Buffalo (13) in a 21 point blowout that was a shock to most everyone. Marshall (13) topped a Wichita State (4) team who was struggling coming into the tournament. Butler (10) beat Arkansas (7) in an “upset”, but most people had Butler coming out on top. The Kansas St. (9) game was a surprise as they came out on top of a good Creighton (8) team. Syracuse (11) beat TCU (6) by five in a very fun game to watch. Florida St. (9) beat Missouri (8) by thirteen in the last game of the first round.

The biggest upset of the tournament was by far the UMBC (16) vs. Virginia (1) game. It was the first game in NCAA Tournament history where a 16 seed beat a 1 seed.

In the second round, Loyola Chicago (11) beat Tennessee (3) in the last few seconds of the game to move on to the Sweet Sixteen. Syracuse (11) was able to pull off their second upset of the tournament when they beat Michigan State (3) in a tightly contested game. Texas A&M (7) blew out North Carolina (2) 86-65. Nevada (7) came back from a 22-point deficit to beat Cincinnati (2). Clemson (5) blew out Auburn (4) by 31 points. Finally, another 1 seed took a trip back home as Florida State (9) defeated Xavier (1).

It’s safe to say, this March has most definitely brought about a lot of madness.

Hopefully, your brackets aren’t too busted yet. Good luck for the rest of the tournament!