Look Ahead: Powderpuff Edition


Grace McKernan

From left to right: Erika Voyzey, Brooke Cox, Gina Gavazzi, Sean McGovern, Marlena Wagner, Cullen Raftery, Garrett Hunter, Amber Chamberlin, Megann Koegler, Jake Makdad, and Duane Boone.

The 2014 season has officially begun for the Powder-puff match-up between Tyrone’s junior and senior girls.

Last year the juniors took a tough loss, falling to the seniors 42-20.

The seniors have faced many obstacles already this season, including the loss of their quarterback, Hope Wilson. Rookie quarterback Amber Chamberlin is stepping up to take the major role of quarterback.

My current philosophy is to redeem ourselves from last year and take the W. Show Who’s got the real wings to fly

— Senior Michaela Diehl

Senior coach Jake Makdad has high hopes for this upcoming game.

“We want to come in with the underdog mentality and always play like we’re behind but hopefully come out on top. If practice keeps going like the first one did then there is no reason for a loss,” said Makdad.

“I feel like our team is cool, calm, and collect like a cucumber. Our tenacious attitude will bring us to victory,” said senior wide receiver Megann Koegler.

Koegler already has one touchdown under her belt from last year and says she plans to get more this year.

Senior Michaela Diehl was also a big scorer as a junior.  She is also confident in the senior’s chances.

“My current philosophy is to redeem ourselves from last year and take the W. Show Who’s got the real wings to fly,” said Diehl.

While the senior girls are hopeful and anxious for a win, the junior girls are also seeking a good competition.

Rumor has it that the junior girls are holding practices on Sundays which they also call “Sunday run-day.”

“I think we are inexperienced but I also believe that the leaders on the team will step up and help us be successful. Hard work and determination will lead to success,” says junior coach Cullen Raftery, “and we will not settle for anything other than success.”

“My expectations include working hard and having fun with people that we don’t see that often. I think we are small but mighty,” says junior captain Gina Gavazzi.

“My expectations are simply just to have fun,” says other junior captain Erika Vozey.

Both teams are looking for a successful game, but more importantly they are looking to have a good time.

Come out and support the girls on Wednesday, November 5th at 7:00p.m. at Gray Field.