Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

If you’ve put off your plans and gifts until the last minute, we’ve got you covered


Todd Cammarata

Happy Valentines Day from Sara and Sydnee!

In case you haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and if you haven’t planned anything for your significant other, you have only one more day left!

Significant others everywhere struggle with Valentine’s Day. The idea of dates, spending money, and over-crowded Altoona or State College traffic to eat at a restaurant can be overwhelming. Last-minute planning in Tyrone presents even more challenges. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Date Night in Central PA

Living in Tyrone can be rough on the adventurous. Not many activities, or things to do at all. Luckily, date ideas are possible. Most ideas will require travel to Altoona or State College.

Movie Night: The number one date idea that seems to be popular with Tyrone students is the stay-in movie night. The popularity behind this one is in the flexibility the plan holds. Movie night can mean cuddling up and putting on Netflix with the person you love most. This makes for a wonderful Valentine’s night.

State College Night: State College is jam-packed with attracting adventures for Valentine’s Day. This includes the Palmer Museum of Art, the Penn State Arboretum (if the weather is unseasonably warm this is a great spot for a romantic walk, even if it is out of season), and many other attractions. Not only this, but State College has the most diverse food and shopping in the area.

Dinner for two, but make it cheap: Most on Valentine’s day chose to go out to eat and have a nice dinner. This is nice, but dinner can be expensive, and dinner can be hard to do. Especially on Valentine’s Day. A fun alternative can be presented, dinner at home. Get ingredients and cook dinner with or for your significant other. This can be romantic, and so fun!

Or you could just go to the Tyrone Sheetz dining room, but bring your own candle and dinner plates. LOL

Gift Bag/ Baskets

Do you know the kind of things your person likes? It can be hard to decide on a good gift, especially if you don’t want to spend too much money. A gift bag or basket can be perfect for this Valentine’s Day. The idea is to fill a cutely-decorated bag and fill it with items your significant other would enjoy. This can include expensive or inexpensive items. Opinions for bags differ depending on who you could be trying to please. More feminine gifts for the bags include perfumes, lotions, and jewelry. More masculine gifts include candy, socks, cologne, and gift cards. Gifts for both could be candy gift cards, and candles.

If you can’t leave town, your shopping options are limited but definitely check out Gardners Candies or Bake Shop Bakes in downtown Tyrone for sweet treats.

Classic Gifts

You can’t go wrong with getting a few thoughtful gifts for the person you like the most. Shopping for gifts can be difficult, especially if you are a last-minute shopper. A master list for both him and her with input from staff and students includes…

Flowers – Check out Garden Gate Flower Shop in Tyrone.  They are open daily until 5 pm.
Chocolates (Strawberries, pretzels, etc.) – Gardners Candies in Tyrone will have you covered.
Stanley Cup
Functional Items
Gift Cards
Bags, wristlets, and wallets

These are just some ideas to get you in the mood to do some shopping, but if shopping isn’t your thing, a gift from the heart can be just as meaningful. A homemade gift, or something less expensive that means something is also a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day is so fun, and it is important to focus more on the love and less on the gift.