Lady Eagles Conclude Tennis Season With a Loss Against Grier


Rachel Stricek

Lydia Irvin hits a winning shot.

Tyrone played Grier on Monday, October 14th at Grier.  Grier won the match 4-3.

#1) Maggie Ackley (G) def. Winnie Grot (T) 8-2.
#2) Vivian Yang (G) def. Lydia Irvin (T) 8-5.
#3) Cindy Wang (G) def. Lindsey Walk 8-1.
#4) Victoria Reese (T) def. Yasmine Ghafferi (G) 8-1.
#5) Linda Lin (G) def. Alicia Endress (T) 8-2.

#1) Ashlee Walk, and Rachel Stricek (T) def. C. Lee, and  A. Gustafson (G) 8-1.
#2) Emilee Walk, and Isabella Rhoades (T) def. A. Afolayan, and S. DeSouza (G) 8-3.

Record: Tyrone (8-6)