How to be More Social-ly Responsible


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Social Media. It brings us together but it also pulls us so far apart.

Invented to connect people with friends and family no matter where they are, over the years it has also turned into something far more controversial.

Today seventy five percent of teens have at least one social media account, and as social media use has grown, so has anxiety, feeling of loneliness, and depression in teens across the world over the last decade.

”Although these perceptions may not actually reflect one’s image in the eyes of others, the absence of gratification may amplify feelings of anxiety and loneliness.” says Rhys Edmonds fromThe Center of Mental Health.

This chart shows a ranking of social media platforms according to the impact on youth mental health.
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Instead of learning to accept themselves as they are, some teens have become dependent on the appraisal of their peers through a screen.

Learning the difference between a post and reality is hard. Teens (and adults, but particularly teens) use social media to sculpt a perfect image of themselves solely to impress their peers.

“Social media can also heighten anxiety by increasing users’ ability to keep up to date with the activities of their social circles.” says Edmonds.

Teens are scared of missing out. They don’t want to see their friends together without them. It makes them feel alienated. That feeling of alienation starts to strike a rise in anxiety.

Screens have become teens main form of communication so how do you stop these effects that social media has on your state of mind?

There are a few tips to follow, when out with friends try to be on your phones as little as possible.

Enjoy each other’s presence and company. This can be difficult to do while still adhering to social distancing guidelines, but technology like video conferencing is not social media and can be used to make real connections, even when friends and family can’t be together.

Try to limit your social media time comfortably. You don’t have to completely stop because we do live in the modern day and that is how we socialize. Just take a step back from the screen for a little.

Stop comparing. Your life and someone else’s life are two totally different works of art. Both beautiful in their own way and both on a different path.

Social media is a wonderful thing. It brings together the world and has done amazing things but remember, humanity is what controls it.

Keep humanity beautiful and the screen will stay beautiful!