Honors history classes do research at Penn State Libraries

Students are working on projects for National History Day


On Thursday, December 18th, Mr. Todd Cammarata’s honors civics and Mrs. Suzy Burket’s Dual Enrollment history class traveled to Penn State Library as a field trip to do research for National History Day.

Many librarians helped the students out, including Penn State librarian Amy Cooper White.

“I most enjoy helping students see that there is this whole world of reliable, credible information available through the library. I also enjoy interacting with students in an environment where I am truly their ally,” said White.

The students were able to use many databases to find sources and information. They were also able to check out books.

“I really enjoyed coming to the library and being able to find more sources about my topic,” said sophomore Paige Umholtz.

The students are creating either a board, documentary, website, or paper on a “legend or legacy” in history.

“I had a lot of fun on the field trip and I am thankful that I received extra help on my project,” said Jenna Chronister, Tyrone sophomore.

“I thought it was a great experience for all of these students to learn how to find books and do research at one of the largest university libraries in the entire country,” said Cammarata, “hopefully this experience will help them to prepare for college.”