Homecoming Court Raises Money for Chosen Charities

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Homecoming Court Raises Money for Chosen Charities

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Homecoming isn’t just a popularity contest anymore. To show their commitment to the community, homecoming candidates are required to raise money for a charity of their choice at all high school lunch periods.

Below is a list of the charities and pictures of the fundraising cans created by the Homecoming Court:


Name: Chloe Case

Charity: Humane Society

Reason: “I chose this charity because it has something to do with my future career and I would love to help animals get the care and items they deserve/need.”



Name: Alexis Condrack

Charity: Panzi Foundation

Reason: “I want to help raise awareness about the sexual violence in the DRC.”


Name: Kendall Gardner

Charity: Panzi Foundation

Reason: “I chose this charity because it helps women and children in the DRC who really need it.”


Name: Madi Grazier

Charity: Pennies 4 Panzi

Reason: “It helps so many women at the Panzi hospital who were raped. It’s amazing that we get feedback from the children to how we get to impact their lives.”


Name: Elizabeth Brown

Charity: Monica’s Heart

Reason: “They rescue old racing dogs and try to find them good homes.”


Name: Kasey Engle

Charity: Make A Wish Foundation

Reason: “I think this is a great organization that brings a smile to faces of those battling cancer.”


Name: Toni Burns

Charity: Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh

Reason: “My niece, Leanna, was in an accident 3 years ago and while she was there they did everything they could to keep her happy. They even decorated her room and got a cake for her for her birthday. I want to give back to them for  the great things they did for my niece and family.”


Name: Makayla Ritchey

Charity: Support Homeless Veterans

Reason: “My father is a veteran and my brother is currently serving in Korea. I believe that if someone can risk their life for us we should give something back.”



Name: Cassie Friday

Charity: Humane Society

Reason: “I love animals and I wanted to help out the shelter.”



Name: Makenzie Stauffer

Charity: Wounded Warriors

Reason: “It’s pretty personal to me and it’s the least I can do for the men and women who serve our country.”


Name: Lily Williams

Charity: Make A Wish

Reason: “This is my favorite charity and I’m glad I can make a difference in at least one child’s life.”


Name: Azia Barnett

Charity: Miracles For Maddie

Reason: “I got to cheer with her for Relay For Life and her story really touched my heart.”



Name: Jenna Chronister

Charity: Panzi Foundation

Reason: “I’m the VP of YAN and a lot of what we do is done to help this charity.”



Name: Ieshya Carroll

Charity: Make A Wish

Reason: “It’s a good and loving organization. My economics class is donating some of our proceeds to Make A Wish also.”


Name: Riean Minnich

Charity: PAWZ

Reason: “We have adopted 2 dogs from PAWZ and they are always looking for help.”



Name: Erica Swisher

Charity: Make A Wish

Reason: “To help kids, because I love kids and hope to put a smile on their face.”


Name: Haley Butina
Charity: Golden Eagle Backpack Program
Reason: “I feel like education is very important and this program helps students enhance their learning experience.”

Name: Hilari Parsons
Charity: Miracles For Maddie
Reason: “I feel it’s a great local cause that brings the community together to help a little girl that really needs it. Also, my great-grandmother suffered from a brain tumor similar to what is going on with Maddie’s so I would love to help out the family in any way I can.”


Name: Alexis Cannistraci
Charity: Miracles For Maddie
Reason: “Because I believe everyone should have the best life possible and live life to the fullest”


Name: Paige Umholtz
Charity: Tyrone Snyder Public Library
Reason: “I did volunteer service there over the summer and after I saw all they did for the community, I knew that they deserve it.”


Name: Kara Mills
Charity: Eddie’s Angels
Reason: “I know both Eddie and his mom, so this charity is very close to my heart. I wanted to help them pay for their medical bills.”


Name: Allison Hosko
Charity: St. Jude’s Research Children’s Hospital
Reason: “I want to help kids in need and help fund research to find treatments/cures for sick kids”


Name: Hailey Durbin
Charity: St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
Reason: “I want to help kids. It’s a great organization and my grandfather always donates to it.”

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