Happy National Pug Day!

National Pug Day is October 15th.

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Almost everyone knows about holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Many people celebrate these days and remember the stories behind them.

But what about the more uncommon holidays? Every year, holidays such as National Candy Day, National Coffee Day, National Mutt Day, and National Talk Like a Pirate Day go unnoticed, mostly because they are not advertised.

One holiday that most people are unaware of is National Pug Day. National Pug Day, which was October 15.

National Pug Day was founded in 2012 by Colleen Paige, a Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and animal advocate. Paige created this day in order to recognize this loving, loyal, and humorous breed, but also to encourage pug lovers to adopt or rescue their next pup from a shelter, instead of purchasing from a pet store.

To celebrate this day, we have gathered 21 photos from social media star, Doug the Pug. These photos capture the humorous nature of these dogs, while simultaneously having the ability to make anyone smile.

All photos are owned and taken by Doug’s owner, Leslie Mosier.

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