Great Inventions in World History: The Umbrella


Photo by Haydn Loudenslager

The wonderful Umbrella can summon lighting at will (not really).

There are many things in life that have many uses, the car can carry and pull, a hammer can hammer in a nail and pull it out, and a towel has a seemingly infinite number of uses.

We are not going to talk about any of those things, instead, we are going to talk about the umbrella and how great it is.

To start off, let’s dive into its history first.

Some of the oldest records of the wonderful umbrella beginnings are of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used fans as umbrellas more of something of distinction because of its uses as opposed to its look.

The umbrella has many uses, the one the Egyptians used was probably the protection from the sun because Northern Africa is hot and not all that fun.

The next thing to talk about is the many uses of umbrellas. We have already gone over the sun protection, but that is not the only one of the elements it guards against.

There is also the rain cover that it forms, this is probably the most common umbrella use nowadays and one of the most practical uses because most umbrellas have been optimized for this.

Another use is as a sword, or as a stand-in for a fencing sword. With some sharpening you can slay beast and man alike.

Please do note, slaying man is illegal a lot of the time, and to slay a beast you may need a license for some because of hunting laws and regulations.

The next use to prove that the umbrella is great is the ability to store water in the upper half when upside down.

The waterproofing allows for the water to sit in a bowl of sorts, however, putting in too much water may break the umbrella because it is not the most durable thing.

The last point I would like to make about the umbrella is it gives the wielder some level of character.

When you have an umbrella in the car, it shows preparedness, when in hand, and with the right clothes, it shows off some class, and when held like a javelin, it shows some level of silliness or an intent to go hunting pigeons in a most skillful manner.

All these things make an umbrella an amazing contraption that is greater than all of the Apple products out now, and it is cheaper than most of them.