Tyrone Students and Teachers Prepare for Graduation


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Graduation is just around the corner.   Teachers and students are working hard preparing for June 5 –  the big day.

Senior English teacher Mrs. Kathy Beigle and her students are currently working their Senior Memoirs, which is a very extensive project.  According to Senior Stephanie Hammond, the senior memoir is “like a scrapbook of our lives.  It includes a timeline of events that occurred in our lifetime, our future goals, our influences and our advice for the freshman.”

The senior memoir is a majority of their grade for the last marking period, but it is also part of their graduation exit project and mandatory to graduate.

Mrs. Beigle said, “When they are all done we are going to have “Show and Tell” day. Yes, just like we used to do in Kindergarten! They’re coming full circle!”

Finally, the last day that seniors are in attendance, we are going to have Tyrone’s first “Senior Walk.”

At the end of the school day on May 30, 2013, all the seniors will line up in the hall by the main office. They will then take their last walk of the halls of Tyrone. The rest of the student body, along with teachers and staff, will stand in the hall way and applaud the seniors.

Senior Lake Ingle said, “I just can’t wait to get out of Tyrone and get to college so I can pursue my career.”

Senior Wyatt Fowler said, “I have had a fun time at Tyrone and it’s finally over.”

Senior Matt Hample said, “I will miss my friends and baseball, but I’m ready to go to college.”

Mrs. Dolney, Mrs. Hilling, and her students are working are parent ads, lip-dub, and senior videos. The business department, marketing and multi-media classes, are all very busy assisting with TAHS graduation.  The students in these classes create, print, fold, and deliver the programs for the Awards Night and Graduation.  They also create the lip dub, which is shown at the Senior Awards Night.

Mrs. Dolney and Mrs. Hilling said, “The projects do take quite a bit of time but we start early and try to have the programs done at least a week in advance.  Some years we help behind “stage” with lining students up, handing out information, and other incidental things.”