Gracie Ball


Mike Walk

Gracie Ball and family on senior night,

By Alivia Anderson and Elexis Hess

Eagle Eye: How many years have you been cheering for?

Gracie Ball: I was on the varsity team for four years but have been cheering for 12.

EE: How did you start cheerleading?

GB: My grandma put me on a pee-wee team.

EE: What’s your favorite memory?

GB: Pine forest cheerleading camp my sophomore year

EE: What’s your favorite part about cheer?

GB: Definitely stunting and getting to watch the teams win.

EE: How has cheer impacted you?

GB: It gave me a safe space to go and be myself throughout the years. It also helped me stay involved at school and I always knew what was going on with the teams.

EE: What sport do you prefer to cheer for?

GB: Football 10/10

EE: What’s your favorite cheer?

GB: “Eagles, hey Eagles, let’s go fight win” 

EE: What are you going to miss the most?

GB: Being on the football field every Friday and looking at all the fans in the stands from below 

EE: What are your plans for after High School?

GB: To attend Mount Aloysius for their BSN program

EE: Advice to future cheerleaders?

GB: Soak it all in and always push yourself to do more. The world of cheerleading is huge and there’s so many opportunities if you believe in yourself.