Golden Eagles Conquered by the Indians

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Tyrone has always had a tough time against Juniata, but this year they hoped to challenge the Indians at home. Coming off a 5-2 win against Clearfield, Tyrone was ready to face this tough opponent, but ultimately they were defeated 3-0 by a combination of  Indians, rain, and a few controversial calls.

Despite the loss, the performance was still a big improvement over the embarrassing 8-0 blowout that the Golden Eagles suffered at the hands of the Indians last season.

Both teams started off strong, but Juniata soon built momentum, scoring a quick goal and keeping the ball in Tyrone’s defensive half for most of the first half. Juniata continued to keep the pressure up in Tyrone’s defensive half, and Tyrone couldn’t get the ball out of their zone to their offensive players.

[Tyrone] played a really great game today, and I believe that you guys actually have a chance at winning the Mountain League this year”

— Juniata Head Coach Clint Brackbill

The game was also not without controversy, with several contested calls, all going against Tyrone.

Tyrone’s frustration boiled over when midfielder Corey Johnston got a yellow card for arguing calls. Immediately after Johnston left the field,  Juniata was able to dribble the ball through the defense and put the ball into the back of the net, bringing their score to 2-0.

Tyrone continued to try to advance the ball into Juniata’s defending half, but the Indian defense was not letting anything through. With little time left in the half, Tyrone faced their second yellow card when right wing Mason Thomas ran into the back of a Juniata player. The score remained 2-0 at the half.

Early in the second half, Tyrone forward Andrew Pearson also received a yellow card for arguing calls.

Tyrone assistant Alex Barlett shared his frustration with the officials and received a red card. Bartlett had to leave the game and is suspended for the next game.

“It’s a little ridiculous that their player gets a talking to and our players get a yellow,” said Bartlett.

During the second half, Tyrone still struggled to keep the ball in the opposing half. The defense did a better job locking down Juniata’s offense, but Juniata was still able to squeeze another ball through the defense and raise the score to 3-0.

Tyrone continued to send the ball up to the offense in hopes of a goal, but Juniata’s defense was highly skilled and didn’t let anything past.

The rest of the game was a stalemate and neither team had a chance to score.

Tyrone was upset about the shutout loss, but Juniata head coach Clint Brackbill had encouraging words for the Golden Eagles.

“[Tyrone] played a really great game today, and I believe that you guys actually have a chance at winning the Mountain League this year,” said Brackbill.