Last Minute Loss: Girls Soccer Loses to Central 4-3


Courtesy of Bill Latchford

Jessica Chronister

Tyrone and Central were both defensively and offensively strong during the game, but Central won with a lucky goal in the end.

Central scored with only 1 minute left by a controversial call not made by the referee. A foul from Central happened right before the goal but was not called due to the referee’s not being able to see it.

Tyrone was the first to score in the game. Riley D’Angelo crossed the ball into the box from a corner kick. After the ball bounced off a few players from Central. Lindsey Parks scored at 4 minutes flat. Central answered the 5 minutes later with a goal from Avery Black outside of the 18. Central scored their second goal at 25:45 from Ashley Negley.

The second goal from Tyrone was from Kendall lifted the ball over the goalie and hit the bar on the goal to cross the line.

During the second half, the Lady Eagles struggled with the mud on the other half of the field. The mud slowed down passes and made it hard to clear the ball to the forwards. Tyrone tried to not let this affect them, but Negley scored once again at 46 minutes. Tyrone answered with a goal by D’Angelo at 51:55 to tie the game.


Tyrone 2 2 — 4

Central 2 1 — 3

First half: T-Parks (unassisted), 4:00; C–Black (unassisted), 9:04; C–Negley (Black), 25:45; T–Markley (D’Angelo), 28:00.

Second half: C–Negley (unassisted), 46:00; T–D’Angelo (Toth), 51:55; C–Padula (Black), 78:46.