Girls face an L to Windber 6-1; Ladies hope to recover against Huntingdon Bearcats


Megan Dale

Tina Hollen

Tyrone played Windber yesterday with a tough 6-1 loss. The girls will travel to Huntingdon on Tuesday, September 26th. If the team manages to win against the Bearcats, the girls will be co-champions of the Mountain League. The Lady Eagles have a winning record of 4-3 currently.


#1) Tina Hollen (T) def. Emilee Stinson (W) 8-4.

#2) Jenna Dagostino (W) def. Winnie Grot (T) 8-4.

#3) Riley Hanley (W) def. Ava McCracken (T) 8-5.

#4) Kylee Lybarger (W) def. Grace Gensimore (T) 8-2.

#5) Baylee Wojcik (W) def. Amy Long (T) 8-1.


#1) Jenna Dagostino, and Emilee Stinson (W) def. Alicia Endress, and Lara Pilgram (T) 8-0.

#2) Veta Piscatella, and Kira Labosky (W) def. Emilee Walk, and Lindsey Walk (T) def. 8-1.