Garett Matley

By Mya Romano, Staff Writer

EE: What was your favorite memory about the competition?
GM: Since it was in Buffalo, it was along the border of Canada, so there were many teams that spoke French and other languages.

EE: What was your reaction to finding out about winning national champions?
GM: I couldn’t wrap my around the fact that we had beaten teams that we originally said were better than us.

EE: What was your reaction to finding out about summit?
GM: It was crazy and felt like a dream. I still can’t believe that we’re actually going.

EE: How long have you been competitively cheering?
GM: I have only been cheering for about a year now.

EE: What were your expectations?
GM: I was expecting us to go far, but I would have never imagined reaching the summit on my first year cheering.

EE: What do you think made you win?
GM: Everyone really pulled together as a team and realized that we had a very good shot at winning. We are one big family.