GACTC student of the week: Phoenix Farias

Each week Eagle Eye will randomly select a GACTC student to be featured for student of the week.


Blake Brooks

Phoenix Farias

Grade: 11    Years attended:  2    AM/PM: AM

EE: What program are you in? Have you ever transferred programs?

 PF: Welding Technology

EE: How would you describe the environment/mood in your program/shop area?

 PF: Fun

EE: Why did you decided to attend GACTC? Was there anyone who persuaded your decision?

 PF: I decided to attend GACTC because I enjoy welding.

EE: Do you prefer to do theory/book work or practical/hands on? Why?

 PF: Practical/hands on because I learn better and faster.

EE: What are your plans are graduating from GACTC? Do you plan on furthering your education within your program of study?

 PF: Attend a trade school after graduation.

EE: What is your favorite GACTC memory?

 PF: Making my first project.

EE: do you feel that attending GACTC is beneficial to you and other students attending?

 PF: Yes.

EE: What are some draw backs of attending GACTC?

 PF: None

EE: What are some positives/ Favorites of attending GACTC?

 PF: Your day goes faster.

EE: Are there certain rules that you have to follow at CTC and not at Tyrone?

 PF: No

EE: what advice would you give to other students planning to apply to GACTC?

 PF: Apply early.