Freshman Spotlight: Adam Detwiler

Get to know the freshman! Every Monday the Eagle Eye will interview another member of the TAHS Class of 2022.


Eagle Eye: What is the biggest transition from middle school to high school in your opinion?

Adam Detwiler: Teachers don’t hold your hand with your work.

EE: Do you have any sports or extracurricular activities you are excited to continue into high school?

AD: Cross Country and Track.

EE: What is something you will miss about middle school?

AD: The teachers.

EE: What is something you didn’t expect about high school?

AD: The responsibilities.

EE: What is your favorite thing about being in high school so far?

AD: I’m one year closer to finishing school.

EE: Which class is the most difficult? Why?

AD: English, because I don’t like writing.

EE: What is your favorite thing to do?

AD: Archery hunt.

EE: What/who is your favorite song/artist right now?

AD: Guns N’ Roses

EE: Who is your favorite teacher, why?

AD: Mrs. Budny because she is pretty chill.

EE: What advice would you give to next year’s freshman?

AD: Manage your time well, and get your work done.