Freshman of the Week: Naomi Stonebraker

Each week of the school year, we’ll choose one freshman at random for our ‘Fresh Faces’ feature


Kathleen Cempa

Freshman Naomi Stonebraker

Eagle Eye: What is the biggest difference from middle school to high school?

Naomi Stonebraker: The teachers and the cafeteria.

EE: What is your hardest class this year?

NS: History and Science.

EE: What is your favorite part of high school so far?

NS: Eating lunch in the cafeteria.

EE: Are you involved in any extracurricular activities? If so, what?

NS: I play soccer.

EE: What are some of your favorite activities or hobbies?

NS: I enjoy coloring, drawing, and riding my bike.

EE: What is your favorite movie?

NS: My favorite movies are Twilight, Saw and Child’s Play.

EE: What is your favorite sports team?

NS: The Dallas Cowboys and the Michigan Wolverines.

EE: What is your favorite food?

NS: Green beans and pasta.

EE: What is your favorite band or musical artist?

NS: My favorite artists are One Direction. Justin Bieber, and Hunter Hayes.

EE: What advice would you give to next year‘s freshmen?

NS: Work hard and get homework done.

EE: Do you have any pets? How many?

NS: I have two dogs.

EE: Is there anything new that you would like to try?

NS: I would like to play football.

EE: What goals would you like to accomplish this year?

NS: Do well in school and learn how to drive.

EE: What kind of  job would you like when you‘re older?

NS: Work at Subway or Delgrosso‘s, not sure about after I graduate yet.

EE: Who is your favorite Teacher?

NS: My favorite teachers are Mr. Zupon, Mr. Feather, and Mrs. Samlth.