Five Tyrone Wrestlers Qualify for Regionals

The Tyrone varsity wrestling team had a successful district championship with five of eleven Tyrone wrestlers placing high enough to qualify for Regionals on March 3 and 4 at the Altoona Area High School Fieldhouse.  As a team, the Golden Eagles finished fifth in the 25-team field.

Tyrone placed seven wrestlers in the top eight of their respective brackets, with five placing top six and moving along to Regionals.

I think we all have a really good chance at moving on to states, and hopefully we can get some onto the podium at that level

— Andrew Weaver

The wrestlers who will move on are freshman Kyle Scott, junior Andrew Weaver, junior Lukas Walk, junior Braden Ewing, and senior Korry Walls.

Walls was Tyrone’s highest-place winner. He made it to the finals at 107 but lost 4-2 to Mason Beatty from Mount Union to finish in second place for the second year in a row.

“I was impressed with my performance, especially after spending most of the year recovering from a hand injury. I felt like I had a good chance in my finals match, he just got the better of me this time. I will definitely be ready for regionals,” said Walls.

The other four advancing wrestlers all earned third place, each of them losing in the semifinals and then coming back to earn third.

Walk beat Noah Weaver of Bellefonte 4-0 to take third at 139. Weaver pinned Austin McCloskey of Penn Cambria at 2:33 to earn bronze in the 160. Scott earned a 10-0 major decision over Logan Folmar of West Branch for third. Braden Ewing won a 1-0 decision over Ethan Norris of Bellwood for third place.

Tyrone’s other two place winners were Logan Rumberger and Caleb McKinney, who each earned seventh place, one place away from moving ahead to regionals.

I was impressed with my performance, especially after spending most of the year recovering from a hand injury.

— Senior Korry Walls

In order to move onto the regionals tournament, wrestlers had to place top six within their weight class. This was no easy task, as there were 25 teams who entered the tournament, and most brackets had upwards of 16 wrestlers.

The wrestlers who moved on will look to continue their run by placing top six in the regional tournament, which will qualify them for States in Hershey.

“I think we all have a really good chance at moving on to states, and hopefully we can get some onto the podium at that level,” said third-place finisher Andrew Weaver.


1. BEA–Bald Eagle Area 201.5; 2. H–Huntingdon 158; 3. PV–Penns Valley 143; 4. B–Bellefonte 130; 5. T–Tyrone 129; 6. MU–Mount Union 125; 7. U–United 118; 8. PC–Penn Cambria 95; 9. PO–Philipsburg-Osceola 93; 10. G–Glendale 90; 11. FH–Forest Hills 89.5; 12. MC–Marion Center 89; 13. WB–West Branch 80; 14. RV–River Valley 68; 15. SH–Southern Huntingdon 64; 16. J–Juniata 54; 17. MV–Moshannon Valley 47; 18. CK–Claysburg-Kimmel 36; 19. CC–Central Cambria 35; 20. C–Central 28.5; 21. BA–Bellwood-Antis 26; 22. R–Richland 22; 23. WH–Westmont Hilltop 20; 24. JV–Juniata Valley 19; 25. CH–Cambria Heights 6.


107–Walls, T, dec. Hummel, PO, 7-0; Beatty, MU, dec. Sombronski, U, 5-0; 114–Bainey, WB, pinned Gladfelter, H, 3:12; Garshnick, U, pinned Darlington, PV, 3:20; 121–Fye, BEA, maj. dec. Chilcote, MU, 12-2; Bracken, U, dec. Lisowski, PV, 4-2 OT; 127–Bainey, BEA, pinned Gustkey, PO, :52; Hess, MU, dec. Dunsmore, H, 7-6; 133–Shunk, PV, dec. Fleck, PO, 6-5; Forcellini, FH, tech. fall Stewart, MC, 18-2, 1:59; 139–T. Smith, J, dec. Weaver, B, 6-1; Cornetto, MC, dec. Walk, T, 3-2; 145–Hoovere, PC, pinned G. Long, B, 3:53; Heilbrun, MC, dec. Flinn, FH, 7-2

152–Watson, PV, dec. Pifer, BEA, 6-3; Gable, PO, dec. Campbell, G, 1-0; 160–Dubler, G, pinned McCloskey, PC, 1:14; McMonagle, H, pinned Weaver, T, 2:46; 172–Close, BEA, tech. fall Folmar, WB, 16-0, 4:35; Cohenour, SH, dec. Scott, T; 3-1; 189–Ryan, MU, dec. Shawley, B, 10-6; Dubbs, BEA, dec. Oravecz, PC, 3-2; 215–Hart, SH, pinned Quick, CC, 5:58; Raymond, PC, dec. Brungart, PV, 3-1; 285–Singleton, H, pinned Norris, BA, 5:40; Williams, G, dec. Ewing, T, 3-1 OT.


107–M. Beatty, MU, dec. Walls, T, 4-2; 114–Bainey, WB, dec. Garshnick, U, 2-1; 121–Fye, BEA, dec. Bracken, U, 5-4; 127–Bainey, BEA, maj. dec. Hess, MU, 13-1; 133–Forcellini, FH, dec. Shunk, PV, 5-2; 139–Cornetto, MC, dec. T. Smith, J, 4-3; 145–Hoover, PC, dec. Heilbrun, MC, 5-2

152–Watson, PV, dec. Gable, PO, 3-0; 160–Dubler, G, dec. McMonagle, H, 4-3 TB; 172–Close, BEA, won by injury default over Cohenour, SH, 1:22; 189–Ryan, MU, dec. Dubbs, BEA, 2-0; 215–Hart, SH, dec. Raymond, PC, 4-2 OT; 285–Singleton, H, dec. Williams, G, 2-0.

Outstanding Wrestler: Zeke Dubler, Glendale. Coach of the Year: Ron Guenot, Bald Eagle Area


107–Hummel, PO, dec. Sombronski, U, 4-0; 114–Darlington, PV, dec. Gladfelter, HH, 7-0; 121–Yocum, H, dec. Swisher, B, 7-2; 127–Gustkey, PO, dec. J. Long, B, 8-6 O; 133–Fleck, PO, dec. Stewart, MC, 8-4; 139–Walk, T, dec. Weaver, B, 4-0; 145–G. Long, B, dec. Flinn, FH, 3-0

152–Barnhart, RV, dec. Murray, B, 4-2; 160–Weaver, T, pinned McCloskey, PC, 2:33; 172–Scott, T, maj. dec. Folmar, WB, 10-0; 189–Shawley, B, dec. Oravecz, PC, 3-2; 215–Brungart, PV, dec. Quick, CC, 5-4; 285–Ewing, T, dec. Norris, BA, 1-0.


107–Tinsman, MC, maj. dec. Taubler, RV, 14-3; 114–Biesinger, C, maj. dec. Garcia, B, 12-1; 121–Lisowski, PV, dec. Chilcote, MU, 8-5; 127–Soler, CK, won by medical forfeit over Dunsmore, H; 133–Monty, U, pinned Yarger, MV, 2:59; 139–Schnarrs, WB, dec. Surovec, BEA, 5-2; 145–Ray, WH, dec. Reese, BEA, 6-4

152–Pifer, BEA, dec. Campbell, G, 5-3; 160–Martin, PV, dec. Rittenhouse, MU, 10-4; 172–Brenneman, H, won by medical forfeit over Co. Stuchal, RV; 189–Spangle, G, pinned Ch. Stuchal, RV, 1:40; 215–Gardner, BEA, dec. Lobb, MV, 2-0; 285–Miller, RV, pinned Williams, MV, 2:58.


107–Sholly, H, dec. W. Long, B, 4-0; 114–Tice, BEA, dec. K. Beatty, MU, 4-2; 121–Rumberger, T, dec. Shilcosky, FH, 3-1; 127–Henning, U, dec. Gibson, JV, 6-5; 133–Maney, BEA, pinned Peruso, H, 1:57; 139–Hower, MU, pinned Mykut, H, 1:51; 145–Claycomb, CK, dec. Clark, H, 8-2

152–Grubb, H, pinned McCully, U, 4:42; 160–Papinchak, FH, dec. Lattieri, CK, 7-1; 172–Marsalko, FH, dec. Mummah, J, 7-5; 189–Stephens, U, pinned Corl, PV, 3:45; 215–McKinney, T, dec. McGinnis, U, 6-3; 285–Audi, R, pinned DeLoatch, FH, 4:34.