Eagles Baseball Falls Apart in 7th Inning

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Eagles Baseball Falls Apart in 7th Inning

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Usually one bad inning can destroy a baseball game, but not when the team is up by 9 runs (Well it shouldn’t). However, a Tyrone collapse allowed West Branch to mount a 10 run comeback.

West Branch started off hot slugging multiple doubles and scoring 3 runs in the first inning.

Tyrone didn’t respond well initially but after holding West Branch silent the bats came alive.

On multiple occasions the Eagles wove together 3 run innings scored mostly with 2 outs.

Hunter Jackson hit .500 and brought in 2 RBI’s as well as Brian Gunter continuing his hot bat.

The Eagles jumped to a comfortable 12-3 lead as they trotted onto the field in the top of the 7th inning, three outs and they would win the game.

However, the Eagles didn’t get their third out until West Branch scored their 10th run of the inning.

West Branch’s third batter had two home-runs in the inning, a two run and a grand slam, and 6 RBI’s.

Tyrone would have still held the lead but several mishandled ground balls saw the remaining lead diminish.

Down one run 13-12, Tyrone had a chance to tie the game or secure the win in the bottom of the 7th inning.

A strikeout from Anthony Politza put the Eagles in a rut, but Coy Focht hit perfectly into the centerfield gap and pulled out a double.

Focht advanced to third off of a ground ball by Matt Brenneman.

However, with two outs Hunter Jackson struck out and West Branch completed its incredible comeback.

While Tyrone is still reeling from the game, it causes you to wonder if they just weren’t meant to win.