Eagle Eye Teacher of the Week: Mr. Ron Wilson

Mr.Wilson at the front of his classroom.

Mr. Ron Wilson was chosen as the Eagle Eye Teacher of the Week for his contagious enthusiasm and positive work ethic. Mr. Wilson is an honorable teacher, and many students agreed he was the right choice for Teacher of the Week.

EE: Why did you become a teacher?

RW: I have always enjoyed learning about new concepts and sharing what I have learned. I was able to do this at a young age in sports and that grew into a desire to be a teacher.

EE: Why did you choose the subject you teach?

RW: When going through high school, I really enjoyed Earth Science. I knew then that I would be going into a field that was related to the Earth Sciences from that point on.

EE: What’s your favorite thing about teaching at Tyrone?

RW: My experience here at Tyrone has been outstanding. I see something truly inspiring pretty much every day from the students and staff here.

EE: What are some of your favorite hobbies and interests?

RW: My wife and I have a motorhome and we enjoy traveling in the summer. I also enjoy camping, fishing, and kayaking when we are free.

EE: What is some good advice you’ve been given as a teacher?

RW: I had a teacher in a neighboring classroom my first year. He said to me one day “If you don’t like something, stick around long enough and it will change.” I have found that to be true in education because it is a constantly evolving process.

EE: What’s the hardest part of teaching and why?

RW: The hardest part recently has been all of the obstacles presented by the pandemic.

EE: What are some jobs held before you got into teaching?

RW: I worked in the circulation department at the Center Daily Times and also worked as an insurance agent prior to teaching.

EE: What is something that students might be surprised to find out about you?

RW: Nothing, I am pretty much an open book.

EE: What’s your favorite movie?

RW: I don’t really have a favorite movie. I enjoy watching many different movies and types of movies.

EE: What is your spirit animal? Why?

RW: A dog because I am very loyal.