Eagle Eye Teacher of the Week: Mr. Bryan Gruber


Nevaeh Conte

Mr. Bryan Gruber teaches

Eagle Eye: Why did you become a teacher?

Bryan Gruber: I was good at tutoring students in college.

EE: Why did you choose the subject you teach?

BG: “I took a physics class with Dr. Vincent and his enthusiasm towards physics inspired me to change from being an accounting major to a science major.”

EE: What’s your favorite thing about teaching at Tyrone?

BG: “When someone mentions a teacher from a small school, everyone associates it with the subject they teach. It makes me feel like I am part of the community.”

EE: What are some of your favorite hobbies and interests?

BG: “I spend most of my time on the water or hiking in the woods.”

EE: What is some good advice you’ve been given as a teacher?

BG: “Don’t have more than one certification because you will end up teaching everything.”

EE: What’s the hardest part of teaching and why?

BG: “All the tasks that were asked to do are not directly related to educating students.”

EE: What are some jobs you held before you got into teaching?

BG: “I’ve worked many jobs in my life but one of my favorite was milking cows.”

EE: What is something that students might be surprised to find out about you?

BG: “I don’t think there is much that would surprise many students. Maybe that I used to ride my bike to work a little over half of the days and that my favorite time to ride was in the rain or snow. When we have two-hour delays I go out at 5 am and ride my bike in the snow for fun.”

EE: What’s your favorite movie?

BG: “Any movie that builds a story around a small number of good characters such as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.”

EE: What is your spirit animal? Why?

BG: I would say my spirit animal is an Otter because I love to be on or in the water. Otters are a bit nomadic and I have a tendency to wonder about water during the day and night.