Eagle Eye Explainer: Virtual Learning Days


Virtual learning days are NOT snow days. Students are required to log in and complete school work. The guidelines for students in the high school are as follows:

1. Check in for attendance using the Google Form between 6 AM-10 AM. This will mark you as attending for the school day.

2. All work is ASYNCHRONOUS, which means you will work on the assignments at your own pace. Live Zoom sessions will not take place.

3. Each class should have a Canvas page. For each of your classes, check the Canvas page. There will be an assignment for you to complete for each class for the day.

4. Make sure you know the due date. For most assignments, the due date will be midnight of the date of the closure. However, larger assignments may have a longer deadline. All assignments are due by the stated deadline.

5. If you have any questions regarding an assignment, teachers are available through email between 9:30-11AM and 12-3PM.

6. If you are unable to complete an assignment for any reason that is beyond your control (loss of power, no internet), email your teacher during the date of the school closure with an explanation. You will need to be specific with your explanation and will need to eventually make up the assignment.

7. If you are having technical difficulties with your Chromebook or Canvas, you can email [email protected]