Eagle Eye Debuts New Podcasts for 2022-23


Podcasts are the fastest-growing media form in the US today. An estimated 30% of the US population now listens to podcasts each month, including 98.4 million who are weekly listeners.

The Eagle Eye has taken notice of this trend and is upping its podcast game this year with several new audio-based shows.

If you love Tyrone sports then you should definitely tune in for this podcast

— Host Logan Rumberger

The first new podcast to post an episode this year is the TSPN SportsCenter podcast.

TSPN stands for Tyrone Sports Podcast Network and will keep listeners updated on Tyrone High School junior varsity and varsity sports. TSPN is run by sophomore Logan Rumberger with co-hosts Austin Lucas and senior Colten Veres.

TSPN also brings on special guests. So far the pod has had junior football player Braden (Jefe) Ewing and senior soccer player Chloe LaRosa as guests. TSPN will feature scores, statistics, outstanding performances, injury updates, and upcoming sporting events in every episode.

“If you love Tyrone sports then you should definitely tune in for this podcast,” said TSPN SportsCenter host Logan Rumberger.

The second new podcast to debut this year is the B.A.D.(Brady, Andrew, Drayvn) Podcast, hosted by Brady Ronan, Andrew Weaver, and Drayvn Crowell. They plan to focus on a diverse range of topics from current events, pop culture, sports, and even conspiracy theories.

Make sure to tune in if you want to hear a lot about the world

— Andrew Waever

The B.A.D. podcast will feature a special guest on every episode.

Their first special guest was Tyrone senior Deegan Baldauf. Their first episode revolves around “Dude Talk” where they talk about anything that is interesting. The group is working on its first themed episodes that will focus on Halloween legends and conspiracy theories.

“Make sure to tune in if you want to hear a lot about the world,” said B.A.D. host Andrew Weaver.

All Eagle Eye podcasts can be found on the Eagle Eye as well as on the most popular podcasting platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

Link to the first episode of TSPN: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0fKF9sUQlTeEGwzOulHuon?si=QoboNNteR_G4GoNjxdDqmw

Link to the first episode of The BAD Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0In25k9ZJIXLQXhw3OQElz?si=LGeFw9X8Rh-yi4px5OY6Rw