Control the Deer Population

Over the past several years there has been a huge increase in the deer population in Pennsylvania, to over 1.5 million deer

As most farmers see it, that number should be taken down quite a bit. 

Deer may be pretty creatures to look at, but they also pose a threat to local farmer’s and their crops.

If we do not lower the population of deer, they will continue to eat and gnaw down every last bit of corn, alfalfa, and fields of beans that they can sink their teeth into. If cattle can’t be fed, then you might as well say goodbye to dairy products as well.

The deer population should be taken down to about 25,000 female deer but leave the bucks to continue the reproduction cycle of deer.

We need more hunting licenses permitted so they can lower the population easily. So farmers don’t have to worry about their crops as much.

It’s understandable that many people may not agree with lowering the population of deer. However, sometimes choices have to be made no matter how harsh they may seem. Ultimately, having less deer will allow those that remain to be healthier and stronger.

Lower the deer population and the more things will be saved, such as gardens, fields of crops and so much more. 

They are always used for a good cause such as filling your kid’s stomachs, and they make good farm animals sell to people for money. As long as there are still enough deer after lowering the population everyone will still be happy, knowing that there’s still deer left around here in Pennsylvania.

If hunters can lower the population some, everyone here in Pennsylvania will still have enough deer for hunting season.

Reduce the deer population and save the vegetation.