Struck by the Bell: Tyrone Gets Shut Out by Bellefonte

The Tyrone boys soccer team struggled against a strong Bellefonte squad, losing 4-0

The Tyrone starters walk off the field after a hard loss to Penns Valley.

After a tough lost to Juniata, Tyrone could not counter over Bellefonte. The Golden Eagles were defeated by Bellefonte 4-0.

Tyrone possessed the ball for the majority of the opening minutes, but lost control, resulting in Bellefonte’s first goal.

Bellefonte’s midfielder took a shot outside of the goalie’s box that went over the boy’s Goalkeeper’s head, Bellwood junior Alex Roberts.

We had a bad game collectively and once the first goal went in, our composure faltered.”

— Andrew Pearson

“As soon as they scored a goal, we gave up and we were simply outplayed,” said Bellwood senior Owen Shaulis.

Shortly after Bellefonte’s first goal, Tyrone had a chance at goal with a corner kick that was counter attacked by Bellefonte. Tyrone attempted to get back on defense but were caught on their heels resulting in another goal.

At the end of the half the Red Raiders were ahead 2-0.

Tyrone still played with confidence in the second half.

“We connected passes and possessed the ball very well,” said Bellwood junior Corey Johnston.

Bellefonte kept up the pressure and ended up scoring another goal in the second half. Tyrone was begging to put a point up on the board.

Bellefonte ended up scoring another goal towards the end of game. The final whistle blew and Tyrone was forced to keep their heads up.

“We had a bad game collectively and once the first goal went in, our composure faltered,” said senior Andrew Pearson.

Tyrone continues to practice hard and is hoping for different results on Saturday, September 15 on their own home field against Dubois.