Bellefonte Raids Tyrone


Andrew Tornatore

Tyrone lost to Bellefonte in their last game of the regular season on October 22nd, 5-1.

“We made big mistakes and let up more big plays than we should have,” said senior Kelton Raabe.

This game was important to Tyrone as it was a preview for round 1 of the district playoffs.

Tyrone started off the game playing mostly defense trying to get the ball off of their side of the field.

They kept up good play for a while before letting up a big play that allowed Bellefonte to get their first goal taking the lead 1-0.

Tyrone took a more offensive approach to the next 20 minutes of play. By doing this they had more shots on goal but allowed a goal themselves going down 2-0 into the half.

Bellefonte came out in the second half ready to play, scoring almost immediately making the score 3-0.

Tyrone finally found their stride offensively, getting down the field and scoring to close the gap to make it 3-1.

Bellefonte answered back to Tyrone with 2 goals of their own in 10 minutes to take a big lead 5-1.

Tyrone went on to lose 5-1 and will face Bellefonte in the District 6 playoffs.