‘Be Golden’ Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Holly Sechler

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‘Be Golden’ Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Holly Sechler

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The “Be Golden” award is a new faculty and staff recognition program at the high school.

This award is given weekly by a faculty/staff member to another faculty/staff member. Whoever receives the trophy on Friday is responsible for awarding it to someone else the following week. The only criteria are to give it to someone who has done something to make the school a better place.

“With the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) initiative in our school, we want to not only recognize students for being golden but staff members as well,” said Shannon Davis, the award program coordinator. “This is a way to personally thank people we work with every day, but don’t always have the chance to show them how much they are appreciated.”

Last week the award went to teacher Mrs. Jane Bugden.

She chose to give the award to high school teacher Mrs. Holly Sechler.

Mrs Bugden’s Quote:

“Holly greets every student every day with a cheery “hola” putting smiles on their faces and mine. She takes a keen interest in her students’ lives and is sure to follow up with them after significant events. She is a model teacher varying delivery of material and moving through activities at a pace that keeps students engaged. She is a great resource for creative ideas for the classroom. I’m very fortunate to work across the hall from her…  Congratulations Holly! Much deserved.”

The Eagle Eye interviewed Mrs. Sechler about being this week’s award winner:

Eagle Eye: What encouraged you to become a teacher?

Mrs. Sechler: “My mom was a teacher and so was my father in law. My love for the Spanish language also inspired me to share that love with others.”

EE: What do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

HS: “I enjoy watching the students learn by connecting vocabulary and being able to communicate in Spanish. I also enjoy when they have fun learning. I love the different personalities and uniqueness that each student brings to the classroom.”

EE: Is this your dream job? If not, what is?

HS: “Honestly, my dream job would be to teach in a Spanish speaking country as long as my family was with me.  But teaching in Tyrone is number two!”