Band Plays for Away Game While at Home

Tyrone Area marching Band

On Friday the ninth the Tyrone Football team went to Penns Valley to win another game, but due to restrictions the Tyrone Marching Band wasn’t able to go with them to show support so they performed here at Gray’s field and projected their music to them.

“We are here to support the football team and we wish them well,” said band director David Hock.

The marching band performed their X-citement show for an audience of a few family members.

We are here to support the football team and we wish them well”

— David Hock

“The thing that the kids are working at when they perform is their timing and dynamics,” said percussion instructor Rob Bonsell, “they are showing growth and general hard work. I am proud of what they accomplished as there aren’t competitions and a big reward… They worked hard this year and they deserve a lot of accolades. It is nice that they are able to do this and they are probably better where they are now than the previous year.”

Their musical trio of X related songs was followed by a series of show tunes: Land of a Thousand Dances, My Sherona, Smoke on the Water, Waving Flag and the Fight Song.

Hock had this to say, “Land of a Thousand Dances, but who’s dancing?”

Unfortunately, the football season was cut short so the same happened to the band’s performance calendar. This lead to Hock honouring three seniors on Friday night: percussionist Tyler Vanish, percussionist Trinty Mallon, and majorette Madison Wineland. One underclassman was also recognized that night, trumpeter Kaleigh Brodzina.

Next week the band performances will come to a close and as long as Tyrone’s parades remain cancelled this may be the last night the band performs.