Baker ‘Graduates’ to the High School

Mrs. Brittney Baker has made the move from the the middle school to the high school math department


Riley Lawson

Former TAMS math teacher Brittany Baker.

A familiar face is in a new place at Tyrone High School. Former Tyrone Middle School math teacher Brittany Baker has joined the faculty at the high school.

Baker took over for recently departed math teacher Tiffany Smith, who left the district for a new job.

Baker has previous experience teaching high school students. When she first began teaching at Tyrone in 2010, Baker taught both middle and high school classes.

Although she enjoyed her time with the middle school, Baker said she was definitely ready for a change of pace and scenery.

“We have a great team of math teachers here at the high school and I [am] excited to join them again,” said Baker.

We have a great team of math teachers here at the high school and I [am] excited to join them again”

— New high school math teacher Brittney Baker

Moving rooms and class schedules in the middle of the school year definitely comes with challenges. According to Baker, the biggest one so far has been trying to figure out what material her new students already covered and where she needs to begin.

But Baker is excited about teaching the higher math concepts that she wasn’t able to cover during her tenure in the middle school.

Many Tyrone students were happy to see a familiar face in their classroom again.

Baker has already had a big impact on many current high school students and they are excited to be taught by her again.

“I always liked how Ms. Baker would help us study for tests by creating Kahoots and letting us play the day before our tests,” said former and current student Emily McGarvey.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, her time with many of her current high school students was unfortunately cut short when they had her as a teacher in middle school.

“I’ve had almost all of my current students when they were in middle school, so that’s an advantage,” said Baker.

When Baker is not on the job, she enjoys working out and spending her free time with friends, family, and brand new Saint Bernard puppy.