Athlete of the Week: Kylee Gooding

Name: Kylee Gooding

Sport: Volleyball

Grade: 12


The Lady Golden Eagles have only played two games so far this season, but Gooding has clearly proven her talent on the court. In last Thursday’s home match against Central, Gooding achieved ten kills, one ace and four digs. In that game, Gooding also excelled with a bicycle kick that kept the ball in play. During Tuesday’s game at Bald Eagle Area, she had ten kills and twelve digs.

Coach Mike Kraft’s Quote: 

“Kylee came to Tyrone in November of last year and has earned the respect of her teammates and peers.  She’s been voted captain by all of her sixteen teammates and has been a leader since she arrived.  Kylee has always been a role model for those around her and she continues to strive for improvement both on and off the court.”

Coach Bob Oberheim’s Quote:

“Kylee exhibited her senior leadership Tuesday night at the away match with Bald Eagle in how she played strong and motivated. She really took the third set on her shoulders to win it for Tyrone, but they fell short. You can see the experience that Kylee gained in playing club ball through the winter and worked really hard this summer. So I see many good strong games out of her in the future at Tyrone.”

Eagle Eye: How did you first get involved in this sport?

Kylee Gooding: “I started in 8th grade, my two best friends played so I thought I would try it out.”

EE: What other sports do you play?

KG: “I don’t play any other sports.”

EE: Favorite sports team?

KG: “Pittsburgh Steelers”

EE: Favorite professional athlete?

KG: “Saquon Barkley”

EE: Favorite Food?

KG: “Cheesecake”

EE: What is your favorite part about the sport?

KG: “Having fun and joking around with my teammates, but also being able to be serious with them when it is game time.”

EE: What is your greatest memory from this sport?

KG: “When I bicycle kicked the ball over the net the other night during our game against Central.”

EE: What is your greatest motivation to succeed?

KG: “My greatest motivation is to make my parents proud and to prove the people that didn’t believe in me wrong.”

EE: What advice would you give younger athletes?

KG: “Always play like it’s your last practice or game; Always give your best effort.”

EE: What are your future goals?

KG: “I want to go to college, I plan on continuing my academic and athletic career at Penn State Mont Alto. I want to get my nursing degree and become a pediatric nurse.”