Athlete of the Week: Kolten Miller

By Eric Sims

Name: Kolten Miller

Sport: Track

Grade: 10

Accomplishments: Kolten is currently leading the team in points. This means he has recorded the most 1st,2nd, and 3rd places on the team this season.

Coach Brad Konuch’s quote:

“Kolten works extremely hard and genuinely loves track and field. He is always putting in extra work to get better and help get his team better. I can’t wait to watch him progress over the next two years.”

Eagle Eye: How did you first get involved in this sport?

KM: I did well at the middle school track days, so I decided to sign up for the junior high team.

EE: What other sports do you play?

KM: Football

EE: Favorite professional sports team?

KM: Pittsburgh Steelers

EE: Favorite professional athlete?

KM: Kawhi Leonard

EE: Who do you admire the most? Why?

KM: My parents because they support me in everything I do.

EE: Favorite band /musician?

KM: Motley Crue or J. Cole 

EE: Favorite movie/show?

KM: The Dirt

EE: Favorite food?

KM: Steak

EE: What advice would you give younger athletes?

KM: The only way to get better is to work.

EE: What are your future goals?

KM: To go to medical school to become an anesthesiologist.