Athlete of the Week: Ebonee Rice

Name: Ebonee Rice

Sport: Volleyball

Grade: 11


The standout junior reached the 500 dig mark earlier this season at Huntingdon.  She was selected team captain this year as well.

Coach Mike Kraft’s Quote:

“Ebonee has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the sport of volleyball.  She strives for excellence and holds herself to some of the highest expectations.  She’s a tough, gritty competitor.”

Eagle Eye: How did you first get involved in this sport?

Ebonee Rice: “My friend Lexi invited me to a practice and I loved the sport.”

EE: What other sports do you play?

ER: “None”

EE: Favorite sports team?

ER: “Nittany Lions Women’s Volleyball”

EE: Favorite professional athlete?

ER: “Kylee Gooding”

EE: Favorite Food?

ER: “This bread”

EE: What is your favorite part of the sport you play?

ER: “My favorite part is getting to win with my team.”

EE: What is your greatest memory from this sport?

ER: “My greatest memory is winning team camp and getting 500 digs.”

EE: What is your greatest motivation to succeed?

ER: “Knowing that my teammates depend on me”

EE: What advice would you give younger athletes?

ER: “Try to get 1% better every day”

EE: What are your future goals?

ER: “I want to win districts this season”