Athlete of the Week: Arian Hicks

Freshman Arian Hicks was chosen as this week’s Athlete of the Week.


Name: Arian Hicks

Sport: Softball

Grade: 9


Arian hit her first career outside of the park home run against Philipsburg-Osceola as a freshman last week.

Coach Baran’s quote:

“Arian has a lot of talent, this just being her first year of varsity softball. She can play several positions and her batting continues to improve. I’m very excited to be able to coach her for three more years. The future of Tyrone Lady Eagle Softball looks great!”

EE: How did you first get involved in this sport? 

Arian: I played baseball my entire life and when they said I couldn’t play anymore, I was devastated. Softball was close to it, so I played and I’ve never been happier.

EE: What other sport(s) do you play?

Arian: Cheer leading and I used to play baseball

EE: Favorite professional sports team? 

Arian: Pittsburgh Steelers

EE: Favorite professional athlete? 

Arian: Arian Foster, former Texans player in the NFL.

EE: Who is your hero? Why?

Arian: My mom, dad, brothers , Mack, and Mell. They are always there to support me when I feel like giving up.

EE: Favorite band/musician?

Arian: One OK Rock, BVB, FOB, and too many others!!

EE: Favorite movie?

Arian: Bunraky

EE: Favorite food?

Arian: Fried Chicken

EE: What advice would you give to younger athletes? 

Arian: No matter what people say, don’t change how you do things. Doing it your way makes it unique.

EE: What are your future goals?

Arian: To be a General Surgeon and make money so that my mom and dad don’t have to.