Anyone Can Out Pizza The Hut

With a reputation of an all American pie, the Pizza Podcast crew decided to “come back for seconds” to review Pizza Hut on pt. 2 of their show.

In this episode, Cody, Michael, Lucia, and Sarah dug into an original pan pizza. As always, the crew enjoyed a half cheese and half pepperoni pie. 

While Tyrone is packed full of family pizza shops, there are a few chain restaurants- Pizza Hut being one of them.

The Hut offers delivery and dine-in services in addition to a super-easy online ordering site that the crew utilized. Also, the varied menu offered stuffed garlic knots- a side unable to be denied.

Unfortunately, the convenience and variety didn’t compensate for the pools of grease that the pizza left behind. While Pizza Hut has a reputable pie, the crew determined that it is not the best Tyrone has to offer.

Out of possible points 140, Pizza Hut earned a lackluster 58.

Cody, Michael, Lucia, and Sarah would like to thank Pizza Hut for participating in the Pizza Podcast. See you next time!