9th Graders Unsure About Future Careers and College

With graduation only three years away, many Tyrone Area High School freshmen are still unsure about their future careers or where they are going for college.

Freshman Shania Kennedy said that she knew where she wanted to go to but not what she wanted to go for. When asked what she wanted to go to college for, she said, “I… don’t know yet.” Her future goals were brought to view, with hers being, “My goal is to just move out of my mom’s house.”

Futures in college are a topic that many freshmen don’t consider important until they are seniors. Kennedy says that she isn’t nervous for college yet, because it is still a long ways away.

Freshmen focus more on the now and not the future, trying to improve their grades and participate in as many clubs and sports as possible. In surveys of close to 5,000 high school students, 86 percent said that conversations about college began early and came to a peak in sixth through ninth grades.

Storm Loudenslager, another freshman, said that she wants to go to YTI technical institute in Ohio State, because her family is going there as well. However, she, like Kennedy, said, “I still haven’t decided yet.”

Mckayla Conrad, a freshman, according to Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Loudenslager, knows what she wants to do. She says she wants to be a Pediatric RN, “because I like working with little kids.”

Problems arise in futures and people change professions. Kennedy says that if she were to change her profession, “I’d be a writer. I like writing and I’m good at it.” Loudenslager says that she would be a Pediatric doctor because, as her peers say, she “likes to cuddle.”

Fears for college are great, ranging from tuition to being abused. Kennedy, Loudenslager, and Conrad have fears of college, Kennedy’s being a fear of the campus, Loudenslager’s being that she doesn’t know her profession yet, and Conrad’s being that she would be confused by classes.

With college only three years away, and this school year almost over, time to pick colleges and careers is approaching. Kennedy disagrees by saying, “It’s still a long way away.” College on mind, they are thinking past it to what they want with their life.

All freshmen will graduate in three years and when they leave Tyrone High, college will be right outside their door. As for these girls, they are ready for that challenge.

When asked what they planned for their future once out of college, Kennedy said, “Look for a job and find a place to live.” Loudenslager added, “I want to get a good job and start a family,” and Conrad replied, “Get my own place and live on my own.”