Stroud and McKernan honored at Cross Country senior night

Harold “Hank” Beringer Memorial Award winners Grace Mckernan and Conner Stroud

Cross Country Senior runners Conner Stroud and Grace McKernan received the Harold “Hank” Beringer Memorial Awards for the outstanding senior athletes in cross country from Coach Tammy Wills on Tuesday, September 23.

Senior Grace McKernan is the girls captain.  She has been a member of the team since her freshman year.

I’m going to miss the entire team and the bond we share”

— Senior Grace McKernan

“Receiving the award led to a rush of mixed emotions for me,” said senior award winner Grace McKernan, “until that moment, it really hadn’t set in for me what it means to be a senior and to know that this will be my last year of cross country.”

“I’m going to miss the entire team and the bond we share,” added McKernan.

Fellow senior captain and award winner Conner Stroud was disappointed by the fact that his season was shortened by injury, but overall Stroud had nothing but good things to say about his experience on the cross country team.

“Looking back I had a lot of fun and I learned how to work hard. I love my team and Tammy is a great coach,” said Stroud.

“I was so happy to get the award.  Honestly, I teared up about it a little bit,” added Stroud.

Head coach Tammy Wills is very devoted to the sport and hopes that her athletes continue to run after high school.

I was so happy to get the award. Honestly, I teared up about it a little bit”

— Senior Conner Stroud

“I’m very happy about our progress this season, we have new and better times each race, the new runners are doing very well,” said Wills.

“I like the kids and I enjoy sharing the sport, it’s something they can do all their life,” said Wills.

Senior Gared Dixon also stated that even though he is going to miss being on country, he is excited for college.

“I feel good [about being a senior], it’s my last year, but I can move on to new goals,” noted Dixon.

“I enjoyed seeing [Grace] develop friendships with her teammates,” said Larry McKernan, Grace’s father.

“You have to attack life with the same attitude you attack a cross country course,” noted McKernan.

Assistant coach Matt Martino is very proud of the team’s improvement this year.

“Keep an eye on the Cross Country team! There are a lot of good runners this year,” said Martino.

Martino has valuable advice for current and new runners.

“Give it all you got, it supports not only you but the whole team, don’t give up and try to be consistent,” said Martino.