2013 Prom Preview


Samantha Johnson

Front,L-R: Lucy Raftery, Katie Boswer, Kathleen Beck Back,L-R: Ryan Cox, Aaron Bebe, Kylor Westbrook

Prom is on May 17, 2013 from 7:30pm to 11:00pm. It will be held at the Altoona Discovery Center. The theme this year is Disco.

Tickets will be sold for $38 per person. The prom committee will conduct three fundraisers to help students who are attending pay for their ticket. Students who raise more money than the $38 for the ticket can bring in their receipts and the prom committee will give refund the amount of money raised above $38.

There is a parent preview before the grand march begins. The grand march starts at 7:30 sharp.

The prom committee spent a long time deciding on the theme of prom to make it fun for all those who are attending.

The prom committee took a month coming up with the theme for prom. After coming up with two themes the prom committee took a vote. The second theme was “Twilight on the Lake” and the winning theme was Disco.

Everyone on the prom committee is very happy with the theme and prom in general. It will certainly be a very fun night for everyone attending.

“I’m excited, this year is going to be fun!” Mrs. Anderson says about this year’s prom.