Multimedia Class Plans Third Annual Lip Dub

For the third year in a row the multimedia class is putting on a lip dub featuring the senior class. Filming for the lip dub will begin in March. The lip dub is still in the planning stage, but the multimedia class has the basics.

This year the multimedia class is taking a different approach this year; the lip dub won’t just be using one song for the whole video, but many songs from several different genres. Country, pop, rock, and even oldies will be inserted into the video.

This year the lip dub will be filmed in advisory. This year teachers are also going to be asked to be involved as well.

Filming will take place all over the school. The cafeteria, gym, classrooms, and hallways will be used. The idea of using Channel T and the elevator this year is new also.

Clothing and props this year are going to be based in the genre the senior students choose to be involved with. Clothes and props must be school appropriate. This video will be posted on YouTube for everyone to see and must reflect positively back on the school.

Mrs. Adelle Dolney, who teaches the multimedia class, will be teaching the students in the country part of the video a country line dance. This year the multimedia class is adding a lot of different elements to make it more fun for the students involved.

“This year should be lots of fun,” Dolney says about the upcoming Lip Dub.