10 Random Facts About Random Things

Make sure to watch the video (posted above)!

Fact #1: Tetris is the highest selling video game so far, with 170 million copies sold, and Minecraft is the only other video game to sell over 100 million copies.

Fact #2: Canada has a population of about 36.29 million, even though it has the 2nd biggest land mass of any countries. The population is smaller than California’s.

Fact #3: Super Glue was used during the Vietnam War to patch up wounds quickly.

Fact #4: The sound effects for Star Wars’ lightsabers were made by Ben Burtt who blended the sounds of an old 35mm projector and a T.V. set.

Fact #5: the first floppy disk was invented in ‘67, and was about 8 inches.

Fact #6: the Dead Man’s Hand comes from the murder of a lawman and gunfighter ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok. The card he had, two black aces and two black 8s and an unknown whole card, became the Dead Man’s hand.

Fact #7: The Tommy gun design was made by Auto-Ordnance Company, a company that General John T. Thompson owned. It was also in Vietnam.

Fact #8: The keyboard has organized the way it is to slow down fast typers on the typewriter. This is because of the problem that the hands with the hands with the letters on them would get stuck while typing fast. It was designed by Christopher Latham Sholes.

Fact #9: 393ft is the height of the Saturn V rocket that NASA used, and is the heaviest rocket made to date weighing 6,540,000 lb.

Fact #10: the highest grossing film of the current time is Avatar, followed by Titanic and then Star Wars the Force Awakens.