The Voice of the Tyrone Area High School

Maci Brodzina

Vincent Gray

Eagle Eye: Why did you choose to participate in the band?

Vincent Gray: I needed to do something for myself.

EE: What instrument/role do you play in the band?

VG: Marimba, piano, cymbals, and claves.

EE: What was your favorite part about being part of the band?

VG: Having friends to support me in my life.

EE: What was your favorite memory from band?

VG: Going to Hoss’s for our last competition.

EE: What do you plan to do after graduation?

VG: Animating or engineering

EE: Do you think you will continue to participate in the band/color guard?

VG: No

EE: How has being part of the band impacted your life?

VG: I can freely express myself

EE: What would you say to people who want to be part of the band?

VG: You should totally do it!

EE: What advice would you give to younger musicians/guards?

VG: Focus

EE: Anything else you would like to add?

VG: I love spiders