Tigers Best Eagles 0-3


Nathan Yon

Nathan Walk defending the goal

The Golden Eagles were shut out 3-0 by Hollidaysburg on Thursday, September 19. 

“We played well during the first half defensive but as the game progressed we were unable to find the back of the net and had a few defensive errors,” said Tyrone Head Coach Alex Bartlett.

The Tigers had 3 shots on goal in the first half, and Tyrone only had 1. The first goal was scored with 7:39 left in the first half, scored by Brayden Callahcer. Tyrone kept their heads up till the end of the half, but did not manage to score.  

Being down 0-1 Tyrone knew it was still a close game and that if they focused and worked hard they could come out with a win. They talked it over at halftime and tried to resolve issues that were seen in the first half.

Hollidaysburg came into the 2 half ready to go and Senior Drew Desort scored at 32:45 to make the score 0-2. The Tigers did not let up and came straight back at the Eagles in no time.

In less than a minute at 31:54, Junior Jackson Delgiudice added to the Tigers score making the game 0-3. 

Tyrone took 3 more shots on the goal but they were all saved. This brought their total to 4 shots in total.

Hollidaysburg took 6 shots in the second half making 9 shots on goal for the game. 

Eagles goalkeeper Alex Roberts had 9 saves by the end of the game;with Tigers goalkeeper Evan Shale having 7. Both goalies played an excellent game and kept the game alive.