The voice of the Tyrone Area High School

The Devil Lies

Eric watched as the light beamed through the doors of the foyer and floated around Daisy’s pure and beautiful silhouette. Her blonde hair in flowy curls, bouncing off her relaxed shoulders is all Eric is able to stare at. Her pink lips moved and the smell of mint filled the space between them when she suddenly whipped around and exited through the grand wooden doors of Rosemary High School.

Outside on her way down the sidewalk, Daisy stopped in place when her best friend, Valerie, abruptly confronted her. Valerie’s giggles erupted into the courtyard. As she calmed down Daisy moved onto more important matters such as the fact that her parents will be gone for the weekend. The two friends planned a small get together consisting of a few guys from school, and their other good friend, Lexi.

Eric was in his room when his phone lit up and basked the dark corner, where his desk rested, with a white light. The phone began to buzz at a consistent rate, pressuring Eric to eventually remove himself from his covers. He gripped the phone in his hand and stared into the light to find a notification on Twitter that he had placed on Daisy’s account. He opened the app to find a picture featuring Daisy and a couple others he knew from around Rosemary High. The group appeared to be outside of Daisy’s house which he had been to multiple times for different reasons. Daisy never really enjoyed sharing her personal life, Eric knew this, but he decided to go to the get together anyways with pressing matters on his mind and it was the perfect night.

Daisy’s home was removed from practically all civilization except for the two houses that sat at the bottom of the hill. The house was large and displayed a stone exterior with a magnificent bay window as well as a newly polished, cherry red door. The large front yard was recently trimmed with a line of trees giving a little extra privacy, especially from any passing by vehicles, and one large pine tree that Daisy’s mother would decorate over the holidays. The sidewalk was clean despite the fact that the home’s old geraniums had just been removed and new roses were planted by Daisy’s mother earlier that day. The cold, bronze doorknob twisted slightly in Daisy’s delicate, warm hands and the door effortlessly swung open.

As Daisy entered and turned on the lights eerie silence held in the air. The thud from a dropped bag, which scared Daisy in the process, echoed through the foyer and Valerie’s guffawing filled the house. The three boys who had been with them, Larry, Hector and Robert, helped clean up the spilled food and continued to the kitchen with the other bags meanwhile Daisy and Valerie went upstairs and reapplied their makeup.

Back at his house, Eric was coming up with a plan of his own to surprise Daisy. He spread out in bed as his mind raced. He was trying to decide what to tell her, something that would leave an impact, and then that something popped in his head. He grabbed his car keys and drove to her house. As he began to near the property he stopped in an area about half a mile from her house to ensure Daisy wouldn’t know of his arrival.

Valerie continuously checked her phone despite there being no notifications and was pulled out of her doze when Sarah snapped her fingers in front of her.

“Sorry,” Valerie sheepishly apologized, “Lexi hasn’t messaged me or anything and she’s never this late! Has anyone heard from her?” she asked,

“My phone is dead silent,” Daisy disclosed.

“Yeah same here,” said Larry.

“Val don’t worry she probably just fell asleep or decided not to come or something, you know how she gets with her mom, she probably got grounded again,” Daisy said without any hesitation.

“Yeah maybe…” Valerie replied but not convinced.

About an hour later Hector and Robert, the two friends with Larry, headed out when a couple of football buddies texted them that a group of college girls were at the bar that they normally met at despite only being 18.

A few minutes upon their departure the power shut off.

“What’s going on with the lights?” Valerie looked at Daisy in complete bewilderment.

“I don’t know,” Daisy responded, “The power rarely ever shuts off and that’s only during bad storms.” She peered out the window to see it was beginning to rain, but nothing too bad. “It’s certainly strange but my father hooked up a generator so that should kick on in a few minutes.” The group sat there and chattered, but still nothing.

“I can go look at the generator,” Larry spoke up, “Just point me in the direction of it.”

“Down the hall to the left there’s a door to the basement and it’s be behind the staircase, be sure to watch your step!” Daisy warned.

He found the room behind the staircase, where the generator sat patiently and quiet. He tried his best to get the generator to kick on but it was no luck. Frustrated but determined, Larry looked around for a manual of some sort to help him fix the damn thing, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Feeling underwhelmed he made his way back up, and that’s when he saw something in the corner at the top of the stairs. He stomped up the steps and peered into the dark corner. Looking closer he saw a rough shape of something.

A hollar filled the air that startled Daisy and Valerie. They rushed to their feet and ran down the long hallway. The knob jiggled but the door was jammed. Daisy ran to the kitchen and retrieved her dad’s old screwdriver that was left in the junk drawer. When she finally got back to the jammed door she stabbed it through the keyhole which broke the lock and made the basement accessible once again.

Entering the basement, the flashlight on the girls’ phones passed over the bottom of the steps where they found Larry. The two swooped him up on both sides of his body and hauled him upstairs to the couch where they plopped him down.

“He’s just unconscious thank god!” Valerie proclaimed.

Daisy looked at her best friend and wondered what exactly goes through her head. She returned her attention to Larry and sympathetically stared at his face as she patted his forehead with a wet cloth, when her attention interrupted by the ringing of the landline in her parent’s room. She and Valerie left Larry on the couch and bolted up the staircase.

“Hello?” Daisy gasped into the phone.


“Hello?!” She began getting agitated when a faint breathing was heard on the other line and there was still no response.

“What’s going on Daisy?” Valerie questioned in the background, Daisy covered the mouthpiece of the phone and turned around.

“Some asshole is on the other line but they’re not responding.”

“Here hand it over,” Valerie ripped the phone from Daisy’s grip, “Now you listen here f—er!” The other end turned from silence into a dial tone and then nothing again. Valerie attempted to redial the caller but the phone just stopped working. The girls stared at each other with panic in their eyes. They raced back downstairs only to find Larry missing from the couch they had left him on.

“Larry!” The girls simultaneously shouted.

Thunder boomed in the distant but Daisy and Valerie were to preoccupied trying to find Larry. They looped around the house and met each other in front of the grand staircase.

“You don’t think it’s him again do you?” Valerie dryly wondered.

Daisy pondered and then answered, “I don’t know but we need to get out of here if it is.”

She grabbed her car keys off the wall and bolted out the door, dragging Valerie along the way. As she approached her car she noticed something off but couldn’t place her fingers on it. As she revved up the engine a message appeared upon her dash: ‘LOW TIRE PRESSURE.’ That’s when it clicked.

Immediately, Daisy hopped out of her car only to find that her tires had been slashed.

“Come on Val we’ve got to get out of here, something’s up!” Just as she figured everything out Valerie shrieked and Daisy’s head flooded with darkness.

Daisy’s eyes were beautiful just like Eric remembered them in the foyer that same day. As he rested his hands beneath her head the storm had calmed down. He left her head on a log and a pillow as he remembered not to move somebody who had been knocked unconscious. He moved over to Valerie who laid in the wet mulch. She was pretty but as gorgeous as Daisy. Valerie’s brown hair was tangled with leaves and dirt, her small, almond shaped face was slightly bruised and it accommodated her small features but something just looked off. Standing there, studying the unconscious girls, Eric noticed that their clothes were wet and dirty. He removed them from Daisy and Valerie’s body and then proceeded to finish up his present for Daisy so he scurried around trying to make sure everything was perfect.

Daisy awoke. She peered out her eyes, which were barely open, to darkness. After blinking a couple times she could see light, however, the light was not that of daybreak, but of fire. As her sense of sight came back to her, Daisy, began to realize what was going on around her. She heard a sound and squeezed her eyes shut in fear.

Eric was scrummaging through his truck when he saw movement from the area where everyone laid. Quickly, he scurried across the yard to find Daisy awake but barely. Her head moved in small nods and then her eyes popped open. A blood curdling scream was released and Daisy’s body shook vigorously. Being extremely careful, Eric braced her head. She was going through shock and he had no idea what kind of predicament she could be in if she continued to move. Finally she settled down and calmly rested her eyes. He removed his hands and admired her flawless features despite the blood that had began to bubble along the side of her head. Then he got back to work.

It was early morning now but it was still dark. Daisy had her eyes shut but was awake, trying to prepare herself for the pain that would follow once she got up. Just as she had began to get ready to get up, something happened. What she heard wasn’t a scream or an animal, but more of a gasp. She moved her head ever so slightly to the right of her and there beside her laid Larry. He rested there with his eyes half shut. She reached out for him but then she realized as her hand rested on his shoulder that he was not dressed. She pulled him toward her and then his body flipped over, displaying dark red oozing from his back. Quickly she slipped her hand away and looked down only to see herself naked as well. Releasing a scream in the process, Daisy got up only to stumble over something on her left side. She felt around in the dark to find Valerie who was bleeding but still breathing. She threw herself to the ground as the cracking of branches behind her emerged from the darkness.

Eric’s gift was now ready. He walked back to the place where Daisy rested only to be coming around the tree to find her falling over onto Valerie’s body. She raced to wards her and put her head back on the bloody pillow and splashed water on her face. Her eyes sprung open and she gasped. He stood over her, studying her face with lust in his eyes. Then he walked over to Valerie who was sprawled out, trying to crawl over the log when he took the knife that would later be found in her back and pressed down.

Daisy swallowed the scream. She panicked and searched around her. As her fingertips grazed over the cold mud she found a branch. Not heavy enough to take Eric out but good enough to make a run for it. As she watched him walk back over to her and felt the pressing of his knees on top of her abdomen she flogged him with the branch leaving two large cut just north of his sadistic eyes. As he reached for the injury she smacked him again and this time made a run for it, but he was ready for her. Just as she got to her feet his hand grasped her ankle and she stumbled on top of Valerie.

Before she could pull out the knife in her back Eric was already on top of her again.

Then his deep, ominous voice whispered in her ear, “Why don’t you love me anymore? We used to be in love! We had passion! Our love was strong don’t you remember? It’s nothing now because you gave up!” He let out a small laugh and braced her head, “You started to hang out with these other guys like Larry who aren’t good for you! No one is good for you, can’t you see that? Just me, I will be the only man who has ever treated you right and you don’t get that!”

Daisy tasted the salty and bloody tear that had streamed down her cheek, she could hardly breathe but was able to get out her final words, “We were never together you freak! Everything is just in your head! You will never get away with this!”

“Just you watch.” And with a last bit of pressure Daisy’s body released all tension.

Eric was found in a pile of glass inside the home with multiple lacerations and a deep wound cut to the ribs. He was rushed to the hospital and once stabilized, he was questioned, by the police.
Eric told the story he had prepared, knowing it would match the crime scene he had rigged up. Unfortunately, no one was around to disprove the story so he got away with everything just like he said he would. For years to come, the little town of Rosemary would always correspond the Evans’ home on Thorn Street as the house where their daughter, Daisy Evans, and her friends, Valerie Irving, and Larry Strode killed Lexi Isaacs and almost Eric Sadako as part of their sickening satanic ritual.

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