TASD Teachers Create “Virtual Yearbook” for the Class of 2020

April 21, 2020

The abrupt suspension of the normal school year has been difficult for everyone, but its been especially tough for the senior class of 2020, who lost some of the most memorable experiences of their senior year.

While there is no way to replicate all the traditions that this year’s seniors will miss, high school biology teacher Beth Cannistraci had the idea to create a “virtual yearbook” from the teachers to the Class of 2020.

Teachers from every grade level from pre-K to twelfth grade responded with contributions. They shared almost 60 messages and many photos, organized below by grade level (teachers who teach multiple grade levels are with the grade that they taught the most members of the Class of 2020).

Congratulations and good luck to the Tyrone High School Class of 2020 from all of your teachers!

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Class of 2020, I’ve been with many of you since 5th grade and they have been some of the best years of my teaching career. You are a very special group of young men and women, and I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things that you’re going to do with your lives.  Please keep in touch and know that you will always be in my heart!! Congratulations Class of 2020!!

Mrs. Harris

Class of 2020 – It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know a lot of you these past two years through my business classes and NHS. You are a strong class and have been through a lot together. I wish nothing but the best for all of you. Please stay in touch. You got this Tyrone Class of 2020!!

Mrs. Oliver

Class of 2020, I cannot express enough how much I admire your determination, passion, and commitment to your futures and your community. This year has been so special because I have gotten to see you all grow in so many ways and set some plans into action that will help make those dreams come true. From touring colleges during Junior spring, to watching many of you placing your first nerve-wracking phone calls to college financial aid offices, to chowing down on dozens of doughnuts during scholarship season, I would not have wanted it any other way! It is bitter sweet to be heading off to my next step along with all of you…we got this!

Ms. White

Dear Seniors: It has been my pleasure getting to know you throughout your high school career, and I couldn’t be more proud of you. Best wishes for a bright and successful future and remember to use your coping skills!!


Mrs. J

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

While every graduating class is special, this one holds a special place in my heart! As I’ve watched my own child grow, I’ve watched you all become amazing young adults. Always remember to focus on your goals, stay safe, and reach for the stars!

Much love,

Mrs. Yaudes

OK, I’m not going to lie. There were days that you guys drove me absolutely crazy, as in pull-my-hair-out-want-to-scream-crazy. You’d no sooner walk through the door and ask, “Beigle, what are we doing today? Really, we have to read? Wait, we have to write an essay…” Insert eye roll. Believe it or not, I miss hearing those protests! I’m sad that we didn’t get to finish out the year. I’m sad that you missed out on all the end-of-year activities that all seniors get to enjoy. But you know what, you’ll go down in history as the class that survived the Coronavirus-how cool is that?! No matter the journey or experience, you’ve graduated high school and are ready to move on to the next chapter. And whatever that may be, I’m certain you’ll be more than ready for it. Class of 2020, I wish you all good health, all the happiness your hearts can hold, and a life full of triumphs and adventures. And always, always, be safe and make smart choices 😊

Best wishes to you all…. Beigs XoXo

Hooray 2020!! Each and every classroom of students had its completely distinctive personality, there is no one way to describe the class of 2020! Your individual spirits made every day a joy. I hope you enjoyed our time together half as much as I did. Coming to school every day was both rewarding and a challenge. You never ceased to teach me something new. Now I challenge you to keep your minds and hearts open to what the world offers. Treat the world with kindness, tolerance and most certainly with a good sense of humor, and I promise you, it will do likewise!

Mr. McNitt

Congrats on making it almost to the end of your senior year. This year certainly didn’t end the way we all had hoped, but you have had a good journey throughout your years at Tyrone and good luck to your new journey that awaits you. Some of you I’ve had ever since you were in 6th grade band, when I first started teaching at Tyrone. It’s hard to believe those 7 years have gone by already. You all have grown up fast. I’ve watched many of you grow up to be responsible, successful young adults and I hope you continue that journey into the years ahead. Don’t ever stop learning, being curious, finding joy and humor in life. Bring your passion and good character with you wherever you go, through the hardship and the good. Congratulations and we will miss you at Tyrone.

Mr. Hock 🙂

Class of 2020 – Although our time together was cut short, I will look back on this year and remember the many laughs and good times that we have shared. If there is one thing you all taught me, it’s to never take life too seriously and don’t be afraid to be silly. Embrace this unfamiliar and disappointing time with that same mentality. Nothing, not even a pandemic, can take away the knowledge, experiences and memories you have made the last 4 years. While I will certainly miss our time together, I know you are all capable of great things. Continue to work hard and all of your dreams will become a reality. Know that no matter where you end up, I’ll be here cheering you on! Congratulations seniors!

Miss Shick

Class of 2020: I had the pleasure of having most of you throughout high school at some point. It has been a true pleasure teaching you, but more than that getting to know you as individuals. I cannot believe it is time for you to graduate! I know that your senior year was not what you had expected! You missed many milestones that you deserved to celebrate as seniors. However, despite missing out on these, carry all the achievements, memories, and friendships that were created here at Tyrone with you as you go on the next step of your life. Know that I am cheering for you and wish you nothing but the best and tons of happiness along the way. Keep working hard and never settle for anything less than that of which you dream. I have no doubt that you will persevere and be nothing but successful. Thank you for all the memories. I will miss seeing you all so much. Keep in touch!

Mrs. Smith

Class of 2020…

It’s hard to believe you are graduating! I’ve loved talking to you and getting to know all of you over the last few years. I’m sad that we didn’t get to finish the year together in person and that you didn’t get to have your special “senior” events. As this year has shown, life is unpredictable! But knowing you like I do, I know you will rise up and overcome everything that you encounter. Although the end of this year is unexpected, we have enjoyed so many experiences together over the years. Remember those moments! Keep learning something new! Every one of you will do great things in your life! I wish you SUCCESS and HAPPINESS! Please keep in touch! I will miss all of you so much!

Mrs. Marasco

Congratulations Class of 2020! Although the end of your senior year is not what anyone expected, my hope for you is to find some good everyday and explore the opportunities that present themselves to you. Wishing you the best as you make your way in the world. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Don’t stop walking!

Ms. Bugden


This has been an unusual year to say the least. Things may have not turned out the way you thought. No one’s life is ever completely planned out. There are always going to be successes and failures. Learn from these and you will be a better and smarter individual. What happened this year should give you the determination and drive to accomplish more as you move on to a time after high school and beyond. Remember the old saying: “It’s not really work if you enjoy what you’re doing”. Why do you think I have been at Tyrone for 40 years? The choice is yours and the future is yours.

Best wishes,

Mr. Vancas

Greetings senior carpentry students – I hope you are all doing well. It has been a good three years. Unfortunately, your senior year was cut short of reaching our personal group goals for the class. Although we were unable to complete the school year as normal, it was still successful. I wish you all good luck in your future endeavors. As you depart from Tyrone Area High School leave strong, be responsible and always make good choices. Remember the skills and relationships we have formed are for a lifetime, they will always be there if needed. 

Mr. Plummer

Senior Ski Club Members – I know that you all are missing out on a lot of milestone ceremonies that most seniors look forward to and are able to attend. I know that our ski trips over the past couple of years have not included the entire senior class and underclassmen. However, we have been successful with planning and going on our, what has become an annual, ski trip. You all have been a great group. I hope in the future you will be able to look back and remember these great times and others that you have experienced through your high school years. I wish you all well, good luck, and keep skiing/boarding. 

Mr. Plummer

And for one last time, clean up, get all your stuff put away and get out of here! We wish our seniors and the remaining senior class our best. Put forth the effort and good things will result.


Hello dearest class of 2020!

Your classes have ALWAYS been an adventure from 9th grade on! This last part of your journey, took a very unexpected and unpleasant turn. Don’t let this pandemic cast a shadow on all of your memories and successes. This is yet another bump in the road of life. Your true quest has yet begun! From this point on, you make the decisions. Make sure to do the right thing. The good news is that, even if you stop to look around and see that you are going the wrong way, the sun always rises to a new day, where you can begin again. 🙂 The teachers of Tyrone care for you and are cheering you on! Represent us well! 🙂

Thank you for all the fun, learning, and memories!

Mrs. Taylor

Dear Class of 2020,

I have only had the pleasure of getting to know you for a short time since this is my first year at the high school and second year at Tyrone, but wow what an impact you have made on my life. I never saw myself as a high school teacher but you have helped me to realize this is where I belong, my dream job! What I really want to say to you all is THANK YOU! Keep doing all of the amazing things you are doing and even though things might seem difficult now when this is all over each of you will be that much stronger. The memories of all of the fun you had in high school will always be there despite the unprecedented challenges your class faced and you are going to make so many more wonderful memories! Make the best of the situation we find ourselves in, keep your heads up and I can’t wait to see where each and every one of you takes life.

Stay Golden Tyrone,

Mrs. Litzinger

Good Luck Seniors! A special shout-out to Logan. You were an amazing student helper for my student, myself, and all involved. You will make a great OT!

Mr. Zupon’s Class

2020 Seniors,
Some of you were the first class I started my teaching career with. It has been a pleasure to watch all of you grow over that past two years. The memories I have of Tyrone will always be so happy because of you. Your senior year has been unexpected, but I know you will persevere through it all. I am rooting for all of you to achieve all of your dreams and have wonderful futures! I look forward to seeing what you all do! Keep in touch & best of luck!

Miss Young 😊

Class of 2020,

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! You will always be remembered for your strength and fortitude during this difficult time. I wish each of you the best as you move forward on life’s journey.

Mrs. Miller


Congratulations Class of 2020! I had a blast with you guys most every day! We made each other laugh and always tried to focus on the positive side of things! My hope for you is that you’ll try to tackle your life ahead in much the same way! Nothing happens by chance in this life! Work hard, stay positive, and always give your best to your work and to those around you! Take care of yourselves and stay in touch! I’ll miss you guys and I hope that some of you still send me your senior pic in the mail! I’m missing some smiling faces on my cupboard! Get it? Got it? Good!

Mama Red

Class of 2020! I got to know many of you the past four years and I have a lot of great memories I will hold onto. I know that you are going through a tough time at the moment with not being able to celebrate some key milestones of being a high school senior, but you all have many memories to cherish during your time at Tyrone. Keep those memories close to your heart! Continue to work hard and I know without a doubt you will reach your goals and dreams. Stay in touch and I will miss you!

Miss Markel

Dearest Seniors – I can honestly say that you were the best overall class that I’ve ever had the pleasure of educating. We had some really good times together and I will always cherish them. We laughed a lot, we cried some, and we have grown close. Again, I’m so sorry that this is all happening during your Senior year. Although it may seem that you drew the short end of the straw, this situation will make you stronger in the end. You have been forced to change your learning style and learn resilience. Resilience is one of the most dynamic character traits that one can possess. Take this as an opportunity to grab your future and follow it wherever it may lead. Be passionate and let your heart choose what it wants. Your last assignment is to stay in touch…and it will be graded. I miss you already.

Mr. Funicelli

Class of 2020 – I have the unique experience of seeing you as pre-pimpled children in my 6th grade classroom and seeing you again as nervous 16 yr olds climbing into my Driver Ed car.The reason I love my job is I get to see 12 yr olds grow and mature into young men and women. You have experienced something this year that none of us could even have imagined. The world has changed right before our eyes and you have endured more than any other class before you. A famous coach I had, used to tell us everyday: “You either get better, or you get worse. You never stay the same.” I love this quote because it applies to everything we do in life. Finally remember to “look. Look and turn” and to be safe!

Mr. Bouslough

Dearest Seniors,

I have watched many of you grow since your first years in middle school. When you came to the high school I decided to join you. It saddens me to know that we will miss some of those senior moments. Your graduation was an event that I couldn’t wait to see. I can honestly say, your class is my favorite group! Some of you are like my family. I’ve known you longer than I’ve known my youngest son. You’ll be in my heart forever. I will miss all of you dearly. I wish you much luck in your paths ahead. Thank you for the great memories! Please keep in touch and I know you will make me proud!  


Mrs. Latchford




Class of 2020! – I have so many fond memories of you all. Academically, you beat all of the classes before you on the bio keystone and had the #1 PVAAS growth measure in the state. That being said, my favorite memory will always be the “Change Matters” campaign you ran for Edie. Not only were you giving financially by raising over $1,000 in one week, but you also gave your talent, heart and soul by making banners, cards, and videos. I have never been more proud of a class. Your generosity and thoughtfulness truly brought tears to my eyes. Continue to let your passion, heart, effort and generosity guide you! One last thing, keep in touch – email me if I can help you out with anything, or just to touch base. You are forever in my heart.

Mrs. Cannistraci

Hola estudiantes!

This is an unique time in history. You will always have a story to tell about your graduation. I know now that this does not seem fair to you but there is a reason for everything. You will have a special story to tell to your children and grandchildren some day.

Each one of you matters. Each one of you is special. Each one of you has talents and gifts that I hope you use to your potential. I wish you the best.

Nos Vemos…..Sra. Sechler

Driver’s Education Class,

What a trip you all were – pun intended! You took me on quite a ride with your funny antics and great senses of humor! Your mayhem with the “Wii Mario Kart drunk/texting while driving” activity was almost too much. While we shared a lot of funny stories, I certainly hope you learned much about driving and life itself!

Be safe and make smart choices – class of 2020!!

Mr. McNitt

Greeting and gravitas to the graduates of 2020. It’s hard to believe that you have all reached this milestone. It’s also hard to believe that you are caught in the middle of a pandemic that will go down in the annals of history to forever be studied and examined. Sure Covid-19 took away a part of your senior year, but it did not take away your achievements. I know what all of you achieved in my class and the work ethic you put forth each and everyday. Sure there were some assignments you didn’t enjoy, but let’s be honest, you will never forget the meaning of ethos, pathos, and logos. Right now is a time of uncertainty, but what is certain is you have all reached a milestone that can never be taken away from you. Since I was a kid one saying always resonated with me. No it wasn’t my mother telling me to turn down KISS Alive (a terrific album by the way) it was (big surprise coming) Batman. He said, “I have one power…I don’t give up.” You heard me say many times that giving up is the easiest  thing to do because it requires no effort. Never give up on yourselves and each other. I wish you all nothing but success and happiness in all your endeavors. 

Mr. Rutter

P.S. If you haven’t started drinking black coffee yet, why not? 

Dear Class of 2020,

A global pandemic? Really? I’ve seen seniors try just about anything and everything to get out of going to school, but isn’t this is a little extreme?!? One thing is for sure, no one will ever forget the Class of 2020.

But seriously, I’m sorry for how the year is ending for you. I’m sad for all the games, matches and meets that won’t happen. I know how hard many of you worked over the years to get the opportunity to play as seniors on the court, diamond or track. I’m sad that I didn’t get to take your pictures at the musical, spring fling, senior walk, or prom. I’m sad that we never got to say goodbye in person. But I remain hopeful we will still get together at some point for a proper graduation ceremony; and I also have a great 2020 Eagle Yearbook to deliver to you!

But even without all these activities, your class has much to be proud of and thankful for. You have accomplished a lot and you are prepared for your future.

I really enjoyed getting to know you all, especially my Eagle Eye and yearbook seniors. You will be especially missed.

There is a tremendous amount of talent, enthusiasm, pride and kindness in your class. Please stay in touch with me, and with each other. I know for certain that we will be writing some great “alumni profiles” about many of you in the Eagle Eye.

Now, go be kind!




Hey, guys! Unfortunately, I never got to have you in my classroom, but since about 80 years ago I was a senior, I think I may have some useful advice. Always know your worth. Don’t rely on other people to tell you who you are, or what you are capable of. Think carefully about where you want to be and take the steps to get there. Each day takes time to notice the beauty around you, even in the dark moments. Finally, I hope you crush every dream and goal you establish for yourselves! You’ve got this!

Ms. Budny

Class of 2020,

You have all matured so much since 9th grade, and I have heard some very impressive, well-thought out future plans from so many of you. I am sorry that you will miss the special milestones that mark the end of your senior year. (To my DE US students of this year, I regret that we cannot finish the year together, but I enjoy hearing from you in emails.) Being a historian, I have to tell you all that you are not the first group of seniors to give up these milestones to protect our country. In 1942 many local senior class young men left school about this time of year to fight in WWII, and they, too, never had a senior prom or a graduation ceremony. You aren’t in the military, but you have sacrificed something you value in order to protect others.

Mrs. Burket

Dearest Senior Class of 2020,

This virtual yearbook is filled with messages from some of your biggest fans, who have watched you grow from preschoolers to the wonderful young men and women you are today.  You have come so far throughout the years and I think it’s important for you to remember that life is a journey. While this part of your journey is coming to an end, the next part of your journey is about to begin.  You all have the world at your fingertips and can become whatever you put your mind to. In your next steps in life, you will have successes and failures, but never allow your failures to define you or take away from your ultimate goals in life.  I have so many fond memories of the senior class as a whole and I’m going to miss you very much. If you ever need to talk or you want to reach out, I will always have an ear to listen. 

Mrs. Myers

Congratulations Class of 2020!

The time passed so quickly. It seems like yesterday that you walked into my room as new high school students. I vaguely remember that first day and how difficult it was to get you to participate and talk in class. I silently thought to myself that this is going to be a quiet group and then day two happened! I thoroughly enjoyed having you in class. I was proud as I watched you mature through high school. And now I am eager to see what you can accomplish. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful future.

P.S. If you ever feel the need to talk about the important things in life, like the rock cycle, meteorology or stellar life cycles, or you just want to say HEY, I am just a quick email away.

Mr. Wilson


Class of 2020,

How are you seniors already? I definitely remember you as 8th graders who always had time to tell a story or make a joke. When I look back, I remember some awesome poems- Where I’m From- and some scary stories so good that I was scared! There were amazing SOAR assemblies and true school spirit. Class of 2020- you made me smile.

Now go and make us Tyrone Proud!

Mrs. Maddox

Class of 2020,

Best of luck to all of you in the future!  I know you’ll make us proud!

Ms. Baker

Class of 2020,

I have enjoyed watching you all grow and mature from 5th graders to seniors. What an exceptional group! I have high hopes for this class and look forward to what the future holds for you. Congrats on your high school graduation and best of luck!

Mrs. Miksich

Class of 2020,

You were my first class here at Tyrone, and you will always have a very special place in my heart!  I have so many amazing memories of you all, and I am so thankful for the time that I had to be your teacher.  You were such a fun group! (I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a group more enthusiastic about the Quadratic Formula Song than my Algebra class!)  One of my favorite things about teaching 8th grade is having the opportunity to watch you grow throughout the years. It always meant so much to me when you would stop to say hello, or even wave as you walked by my room.  You are all rockstars and I am so proud of each of you! While I’m hopeful I was able to teach you a few things, I am truly thankful for all that you have taught me. I wish you nothing but the best in all that you choose to do.  Please keep in touch!

Mrs. Beck (aka Miss Warfield)

Class of 2020:

WOW! How the time flies, I cannot believe you are graduating already! You were my first class here at Tyrone and I am very honored that you were part of my experience here at Tyrone. I remember very fondly the insightful discussions we had in class. I remember how your questions made me think deeply and I grew as a person from my time with all of you. You are going to do great things because of your determination and perseverance. Remember to never stop pushing yourself to do your absolute best!

Mr. Aharrah

Class of 2020!!!

I can’t believe that you are about to graduate! It seems like yesterday that you were debating in my class about the presidential election or some other current event topic. Those class discussions will always be fond memories of mine. You always enjoyed challenging each other 🙂 I will never forget the passion and dedication that you showed in everything that you put your mind to- your friendships with each other, your desire to learn and soak up every bit of information, the jokes and laughter, your goals and dreams. Each and every one of you has so much potential and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you. Please keep in touch! Make us proud and never forget the memories. Always remember ~ shoot for the moon and if you miss, you will still be among the stars.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!

Het (Mrs. Hetrick)



Dear Class of 2020,

Though I’m sure you are excited to move on with your lives – college, careers, the military, etc. – I’m sure this isn’t the way you wanted to end your time here.  You were my 2nd class at TASD, and I will never forget how wonderful you were! You always made me feel welcome as a newer middle school teacher, and I really loved laughing with you and seeing your smiling faces every single day.  You really made it fun to come to work and I look back on our time together very fondly. I’m so proud of each and every one of you for the fantastic people you’ve become and all you will surely accomplish. Be proud of yourself for persevering through this hard time.  I know that not all of the teachers you had in 7th grade are here anymore, but I love telling our newer team stories of when you were in 7th grade. I’m sure we’d all love to hear from and how you are progressing through the times ahead. Good luck, seniors!

Mrs. Dunn

Dear Class of 2020,

I know this is not how you wanted to end your high school years, but I also know how resilient you are.  There is no doubt in my mind that you’ll come out of this situation even stronger and ready to take on the world!  I enjoyed teaching every single one of you (my Algebra kids–you have a special place in my heart) and wish you nothing but the best! Take care, stay healthy, and stay safe!


Mrs. Burger




Hello Seniors!

If you can remember back to sixth grade you may recall going to Albemarle and walking through the wetlands, working on your Social Studies Fair board, watching the performance of A Christmas Carol, celebrating with each other at track and field, baking and eating that World War Two cake, running around the grounds of the Pa Military Museum on the scavenger hunt and marching in line, singing in SPanish and eating ice cream during Mexico Day, and just having fun at lunch and recess (you do remember how you loved recess, don’t you?).

You were the most enthusiastic and happy group of kids in sixth grade and so willing to help and support each other. It’s been great watching you all as seniors and seeing that you still have those wonderful qualities, even in this unusual time. There is no way for any of us to know the depth of what you are feeling, but what I do know is that you will see this through together because you are that special class of 2020!


Mr. Stoner

I look back fondly on my time with you when you were Sixth Graders. This class has a great sense of humor and a collective great personality. We worked hard and had fun times too. But more than the curriculum, I hope you have gained other lessons during your time at TASD. I hope you have continued to learn to treat others with kindness and respect. I hope you are able to look at your blessings each and every day. I hope you will realize, too, that this unprecedented time will pass. During difficult times such as this, remain strong in your sustaining beliefs, accept help from others when needed, and look beyond yourself. I wish the best for you in your future! You have so many good things still coming your way!

Mrs. Conrad

To the class of 2020, a special Congratulations!  I hope you remember your years at Tyrone as a wonderful experience.  I have fond memories of your class. Our field trips, track and field, assemblies, chorus concerts, special school events and even the regular school days were filled with fun.  Enjoy your next steps. It is an exciting time in your lives!  

Mrs. Chamberlain

Best wishes to a truly wonderful group of students. Now is a time to celebrate many years of hard work and all of your achievements. I am so proud of the young women and men you have become and have faith that you are ready to achieve whatever your dreams may hold.

Mrs. DiDomenico, St. Matthew School




Dear Senior Class, 

Although all of the teachers you had in 5th grade are no longer teaching  in Tyrone, we wish you the very best! We know this isn’t how you envisioned your senior year ending, but we hope you look back on your first year of middle school with fond memories!  We’re so happy that you’ve achieved this great milestone! Even though you’ve graduated, never stop learning! We know that with hard work and determination you will go out and succeed in achieving your goals and dreams! 


The 5th Grade Teachers



Good Luck Graduates! I am lucky to have learned with you!

Mrs. Isenberg


Wow!  I can’t believe you are graduates!  You all have grown so much. It seems just like you all were in 4th grade last Year.  Watching and teaching you all at this time was such a pleasure. Through the years, It has been wonderful watching whether it was in musicals, POPS, Sports, etc.  I’m sure you never imagined your senior year like this but remember, THE COMEBACK IS ALWAYS STRONGER THAN THE SETBACK! Work hard and achieve your dreams. 

Mrs. Getz

4th Grade Teacher

Class of 2020, 

Congratulations on your success and best wishes on your future endeavors! 

Mrs. Garda (Miss Neikam)



Dear senior class,

It brings me such joy to see you all graduating!  It seems like just yesterday you were in third grade – looking forward to such things as multiplication facts, cursive, and track and field.  You have all come so far. While we never could have predicted this conclusion to your experience at tyrone, i truly believe that your sense of patience, gratitude, understanding, and resiliency will provide you with great strength and courage to achieve your dreams.  I wish you the very best…and congratulations!

Mrs. Casillo




Dear senior class,

Many of you spent second and third grade with the same teacher. We were blessed to know you well and watch you grow. You hold a special place in our heart and we wish you happiness!


Mrs. Oakes



Congratulations class of 2020!

Take pride in how far you have come and faith in how far you can go!


Mrs. Whited

Dear Class of 2020,

I am so proud of all of you for what you have accomplished! I remember all of you as little first graders and now you have grown into exceptional young adults! Good luck with all your future endeavors! Congratulations and I wish you all the best of luck!

Mrs. Casanave

St. Matthew School

Class of 2020,

Best of luck in all you do.  Make us Tyrone Proud!

Mrs. Black




Class of 2020,

You were the first group of students I had here at TASD. I have so many amazing memories that year and each memory brings a smile to my face. You were the perfect first class and we had so many laughs but what I remember the most is how you always took care of each other and were so kind to one another. Never lose that kindness. I’m so proud of all of you!

Best wishes,

Miss Becker

Dear Class of 2020,

I cannot believe that it is time for you to graduate. It doesn’t seem that long ago you were walking into my Kindergarten classroom for the first time. You had the sweetest little faces and were always ready to learn more! I am so proud of each one of you and how much you have grown over the past 12 years. Please know that I am thinking of you during this uneasy time but I know that you will all overcome this. I wish you all the best of luck and know that you will succeed in whatever you choose to do!


Mrs. Homan, St. Matthew School



Dear seniors,

My first preschool classes are juniors this year however, I did teach some of you as a Reading teacher when you were in K4. I’ve also watched you grow up as I’ve watched my own current senior through the years. I’ve been to your athletic and musical events, birthday parties and get togethers. I will always have fond memories of these times.

My heart breaks for you in These difficult days but things will get better. You will go on to do wonderful things with your lives and tell this story to your grandchildren when they have to do a sixth grade history project!

I wish you health, success and happiness in the future. Congratulations to the class of 2020! Follow your dreams and never give up!

Mrs. Raabe

Dear Class of 2020,

For those of you that I was lucky enough to teach, our K4 class was your first experience with school. I remember all of you so fondly. Looking back at these pictures makes me realize how fast time does go. It seems like just last year I had you in my class…sitting in circle time, singing songs, learning those first concepts of reading and math. Now, I barely recognize you because you’ve all become grown-ups.

One of the unique things about our K4 classes back then was that I came into your homes to do home visits with you and your family. I got to know all of you on a completely different level than most teachers get to do. Many of your parents became my friends. I got to see you interact with your pets and your parents in the comfort of your home. You got to show off what a big Smartie you were to your parents as well.

I know this is an incredibly difficult time. I’m sorry that your senior year came to an abrupt halt. But, knowing your families as I do, and remembering what you were all like as preschoolers, I know that you will overcome this. You will go on to do amazing things with your life. You will have a positive impact on our society. You’re innovators, hustlers, doers. You will make a difference.

Nothing can make up for missing your last few months of high school. I know that. But, you do have so much to look forward to in your life. I wish you all the luck in whatever path you take.

With much love,

Ms. Jamison


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