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Marissa Lewis

Marissa Lewis

Eagle Eye: How many years have you been a member of the Cross Country Team?

Marissa Lewis: 6 years, I joined in seventh grade

EE: Why did you start running Cross Country?

ML: It was my first year at Tyrone, and I wanted to get involved.

EE: What was your favorite part about the sport?

ML: I have never felt so welcomed by any other sport/club/activity. I love my team.

EE: What is your favorite memory from Cross Country?

ML: There are many to choose from but all of them were from my 10th and 11th grade years.

EE: How has running Cross Country impacted your life?

ML: I’ve learned how to deal with things I can’t overcome, but I’ve also learned how to compete.

EE: What was your favorite thing to eat before a meet?

ML: I actually avoided eating before meets but maybe fruit snacks.

EE: What was your favorite course to run?

ML: Penns Valley

EE: What are your plans after high school?

ML: Attend a 4 year university and obtain a master’s degree in Psychology.

EE: Do you plan to keep running in your free time?

ML: I hope to.

EE: Advice for future runners:

ML: They all say this but I’ve been a part of the team for 6 years and it flew. Don’t miss out on the opportunities in front of you because you’re already on to the next goal. Because 6 years later, you’re regretting wishing time went faster. I made the best friends in this sport, and I’ll miss it more than anything else in high school.

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