Social Media Director: Lauren Taylor

Hi, my name is Lauren Jade Taylor. I’m a junior this year and this will be my second year as part of the Eagle Eye staff. I plan to do Eagle Eye my senior year too, and wish I would’ve taken Eagle Eye as a freshman. I´d like to give myself the title of the “Eagle Eye Sports Live Tweeter”, (which is one of my jobs I do for the Eagle Eye). You think it’d be easy to tweet the football games play by play and update the basketball game scores, but let me tell you, IT’S NOT. This is something I enjoy doing. I’m not into the whole sports thing, so I don’t do any. I’m in NHS, and YAN. I plan to join a few more clubs this year too. The summertime is my favorite time of the year simply because everything is better in the summer. In the summer time my favorite thing to do is make memories with all my best-est friends. I really really like Galliker’s Lemon Iced Tea. I am looking forward to another successful year contributing to the voice of the Tyrone Area High School.

EE: What do you hope to accomplish as an editor this year?

I want to help the Eagle Eye be successful in all the areas of social media that we are active on this year.

EE: What are your other extra curricular activities?

YAN, NHS, Renaissance club, and Student Council

EE: How many years have you been in Eagle Eye?

This is my second year of Eagle Eye.

EE: Post graduation plans?

Not sure at all yet, planning on going to college for something that peaks my interest whatever that is. Most likely Penn State.

EE: What are you looking forward to covering this year for the website?

I’m looking forward to being able to have access to the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat and post on those to keep the school and community updated. 


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